Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness

Welcome to Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness, where we take a look at the Top 5 most-liked memes on the Facebook group, Carnegie Mellon Memes for Spicy Teens, posted in the past month.

1) "SIO updates" by Brian Zhang (10/10)

Much of the student population asked: “How could SIO get worse?” only to see that the site would be stuck loading for the rest of eternity (or at least too long for us to know where our fall classes are)

2) "OCs vs. Freshmen" by Sam Chai (9/10)

Freshman year is a trying time, and trying to comprehend the zeal of the OCs can be overwhelming. It’s a lot to take in: a new environment, a new life, and screaming upperclassmen jumping from every angle. Kudos to all the OCs out there; I can barely pull myself out of bed.

3) "O-Week Transformation" by Alexander Chen (9/10)

Everyone’s gotta start from somewhere... and in this case, it’s O-Week. It’s not fun feeling like the fetus in any social setting, but I promise you’ll have your turn of not being the fetus and you’ll find yourself seeing your current self from a much different angle.

4) "House Wars 2.0" by Elliot Yokum (10/10)

House Wars remains to be one of my favorite memories from freshman year (although I was too sick to participate in the actual event). Still, I’m sure many students will continue to defend their first home on Carnegie Mellon’s campus, even when the obvious answer to this poll should be Mudge House.

5) "Seniors @ C@CM by Alexander Chen (8/10)

The meme watermark and the tweet format of the meme cheapen the meme (hot take: tweets are not memes). Regardless, the feeling of being out-of-place is something that all of us have related to at one point or another (to any freshmen: this feeling will hit you). But hey, at the end of the day, we all know the classic college rhyme holds true: “C[@CM]’s get degrees.”