Film Watcher Quiz


What excites you the most about a movie?

a) The characters and plot
b) The presence of my favorite actor
c) The glamorous costumes and set designs
d) The critics and the surrounding press
e) All my friends talking about it

What is the biggest deal-breaker about a movie?

a) Terrible casting choices
b) The absence of my favorite actor
c) Bad cinematography
d) Awkward writing
e) My friends criticizing the movie

Pick an occupation

a) Movie director
b) Paparazzo
c) Production designer
d) Vanity Fair journalist
e) Social media manager

Choose a personality

a) Clint Eastwood
b) Tom Holland
c) Edith Head
d) Martin Scorcese
e) Jennifer Lawrence

Pick a 2019 film

a) Child’s Play
b) The Secret Life of Pets 2
c) Aladdin
d) Glass
e) IT Chapter Two

What’s closest to your first thought after watching a good movie?

a) “I really liked the antagonist. They were such an underrated character.”
b) “OMG, the main character was soooo hot!!!”
c) “What a gorgeous background! Was that real or green screened?”
d) “I’d give this film 3.5 out of 4 stars. Aside from the occasional dull moment, this film maintained a steady pace of action while keeping the audience in suspense.”
e) “What are people on Twitter saying about this? Is it trending?”

If you picked mostly A’s you are THE STARRY-EYED VIEWER. You love watching movies for the stars, and love watching the award ceremonies even more. Fictional characters have a special place in your heart, maybe more than real people do.

If you picked mostly B’s you are THE FAN. Chances are that you have a favorite actor or actress whose films you just cannot get enough of. Maybe you even have a celebrity crush! Either way, you are a die-hard fan of them and will always find a reason to praise them.

If you picked mostly C’s you are THE ARTIST. You watch movies for style and aesthetic inspiration. To you, costumes can make or break a character and the lighting, background, and tech hold a pivotal influence.

If you picked mostly D’s you are THE CRITIC. To you, a movie is so much more than a 2-hour moving image; it’s a director’s reflection, a form of expression, and even a piece of history. Friends might rely on you to have the best (and maybe even the most eclectic) taste in cinema.

If you picked mostly E’s you are THE BASIC. You tend to pick films based on your social circle, be it your friends or your Instagram followers. You might even be the type of person to tag along to an unknown movie because everyone you know is raving about it. Either way, you are aware of the biggest block-busters and have a diverse exposure of movies.