Thai Gourmet restaurant review

The meal I ate yesterday at Thai Gourmet was the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten in my life, without a doubt.

The restaurant’s façade on Liberty Avenue, in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, is unassuming. When I entered I was greeted by high ceilings, warm lighting, and walls filled with a rich assortment of Thai art and artifacts. Portraits of Thai royalty hang on guided plaques next to framed restaurant reviews written by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from when Thai Gourmet first opened in 2004.

A few groups of people were finishing up their meals when I sat down. The restaurant wasn’t empty but it wasn’t crowded, and the food looked good. A friend of mine had said that Thai Gourmet was her favorite Thai restaurant in Pittsburgh, but besides that I didn’t know what to expect. The menu had the sections one might expect from Thai cuisine; noodles, curry, fried rice and stir fry. But it also had a section for salads and soups, which intrigued me — I love Thai food, but as of late, green curry with chicken has been feeling too routine.

I ordered the Yum Neuh, a flank steak salad topped with a spicy lime sauce, and the Tom Yum, a lemongrass soup with tofu and mushrooms. I’ve never had either of those dishes, but I wanted to shake things up.

The soup came out first. It was served in a small round bowl, in which the broth looked foggy and red. After slurping down the first spoonful my eyes jolted up. My taste buds were excited by a brilliant tang with a slight spice to it. Another spoonful. It tasted of tomato, citrus, and cilantro. The tofu was nicely soft — but not too soft — and the mushrooms were delicious.

When the waitress brought out the salad, I said, “This is fantastic!” She smiled at me and said, “Wait until you try this.” I took a bite and tasted vibrant lime. The flank steak was crisp and chewy, and the salad’s greens and cucumbers complemented the sauce’s spice really well.

As I munched down I was overwhelmed by goodness. I didn’t know what to do. I quickly texted my friend who had recommended the restaurant “Holy shit!” Then I texted my uncle, who is a bit of a foodie, a picture and said, “You have got to try this.” I hadn’t been planning to write about my meal, but it was too good not to.

In the midst of finals season, the food at Thai Gourmet is tasty enough to brighten your day and make you feel like maybe, just maybe, it’s all worth it. Thai Gourmet is definitely worth the trip to Bloomfield, which is only a short bus ride away from campus. This meal will probably lead you to consider studying abroad in Thailand, or at least coming back for seconds.