SDC wins Buggy for second year in a row

Credit: Zhu Li Credit: Zhu Li Credit: Zhu Li Credit: Zhu Li Credit: Zhu Li Credit: Zhu Li Credit: Zhu Li Credit: Zhu Li

The 99th annual buggy sweepstakes took place on Friday and Saturday morning over Carnival Weekend. All of the races took place between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. as Schenley Drive, Frew Street, Tech Street, and Margaret Morrison Street closed down to accommodate the event.

According to the university and many of the buggy teams’ web pages, buggies can reach a speed of 40 mph, but this weekend, the fastest buggy only hit 36.45 mph. The men’s Sigma Epsilon (SigEp) team had the fastest buggy. They placed fourth. However, men’s Student Dormitory Council (SDC) was only 0.01 mph slower than SigEp’s buggy with a strong second place showing for top speed.

Last year, SDC won first place overall in the women’s heats. They also won first and second place in the men’s heats. This year, SDC won first place handily in the women’s competition beating Pi Kappa Alpha (PiKA) by four seconds, but the men’s SDC team just eked out the win.

The difference between the first place SDC team and the second place PiKA team was 0.18 seconds. If SDC and PiKA were on the same heat, it would have been a photo finish.

Rounding out the top three in both men’s and women’s races was the Carnegie Involvement Association (CIA). The winning time for the women was 2:27.30 and 2:06.61 for the men.

Next year is the 100th year for Sweepstakes, but this year was the 50th anniversary for the Fringe team. According to their Bridge account, Fringe is the oldest independent organization on campus to compete in both buggy and booth at Carnival.

With the 100th anniversary of Buggy coming up, teams are sure to ramp up production for the special event. It's unlikely there will be a major overhaul of any design of a buggy, but the record times, set just two years ago, are within striking distance with a little extra effort. Maybe next year will see the first time below two minutes.