NCAAM second week update

Another wild week of basketball has passed, which means there is plenty to catch up on. We’re now preparing ourselves emotionally and physically as the Elite Eight wraps up and the Final Four starts this week. If you missed this past week of dancing, The Tartan is here once again to fill you in.

The quality of this tournament has been superb. No first-seeded teams have had an easy time; Gonzaga has fallen, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was thrashed by Auburn in a 17 point victory. Both Auburn and Texas Tech, who beat Gonzaga, have been able to upset their way to where they are now. Texas Tech is already in the Final Four, and fifth-seeded Auburn plays second seed Kentucky for their spot in the Final Four on Sunday.

Duke has surprisingly had very difficult and close games, and yet, continues to survive them all. It seems that near three minutes before the end of each game, Duke will surely lose, but each time they survive by a missed tip in. This was the case with Virginia Tech’s valiant effort, which ended in the same disappointment as University of Central Florida’s bid last week. For all the Duke haters, including me, it almost feels as if Duke is undeserving of their wins, only coming away on top due to luck. It’ll be Michigan State’s turn to try their hand at stopping Duke.

Purdue and Carsen Edward’s brilliant string of performances finally ended to the University of Virginia. Edwards scored 42 points in their final game and has dropped 29, 42, and 26 points going back to the first game of this tournament. Among his significant achievements is the record for most three-pointers made in the tournament with 28, and the most points in four games, beating previous record-holder Stephen Curry.

The Virginia game itself was a classic, with a buzzer beater at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime. Virginia closed the game out for the win: a great accomplishment and rebound for a team that lost to the sixteenth seed in the first round last year.

If more games go down as they have so far, this will continue to be an excellent tournament, so stay on top of it, and we’ll keep you updated too.