Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness

Welcome to Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness, where we take a look at the Top 5 most-liked memes on Carnegie Mellon Memes for Spicy Teens posted in a month.

  1. "TOC: Let me intern!" by Evan Feder (10/10)

This was technically posted in Feb. 28, but because it was posted after the publication of the previous Monthly Meme Madness roundup, I'll let this slide. This is too painfully accurate and a spicy use of the "let me in" meme. It almost makes hunting for internships bearable. Almost.

  1. "Electric Longboard" by James Gualtieri (8/10)

Oh yes, Hoverboard 2: Electric Boogaloo... I mean the electric longboard. I thought that "hoverboards" phasing out meant that we as a society evolved. Apparently not if we have electric longboards in 2019. Lightning McQueen is tastefully cropped into the meme. He isn't perfectly photoshopped into the sidewalk in front of Doherty Hall; there are rough edges from the race track of the original meme. This adds to the imperfect beauty of memes. Much like life, memes are imperfect, messy, and lack rhyme or reason. However, it pains me to see that this meme is not cropped. Even if life is a chaotic mess, crop your memes.

  1. "Expectations" by Julius Yordnoff (10/10)

Congrats Yordnoff for yet again being featured in our Monthly Meme Madness. This is another strong meme that virtually any Carnegie Mellon student can relate to. Imposter syndrome seems to be a mandatory component of the Carnegie Mellon experience, as this meme effectively captures. The lil' Scotty adds a fantastic finishing touch.

  1. "Carnegie M-Elon" by Ansh Nasta (8/10)

Punny. Very punny. May this meme give us the prestigious internships at places like SpaceX that we so yearn for.

  1. "CFA lawn" by Jose Garcia (9/10)

'Tis that time of year: massacring the grass on the CFA lawn for the purpose of Carnival festivities. Even without Carnival, the lawn resembles more of a mudslide than an actual lawn; I'm surprised that there are any blades of grass left to destroy.