Student Government Column

Last semester, a Campus Lighting Pre-Investigation Paper (PIP) was presented to the Senate’s general body regarding the lack of outdoor lighting on campus. After the PIP was approved by the Senate, the Campus Life Committee took it upon themselves to investigate the problem.

Last week, we met with the Carnegie Mellon administration to inform them of the problem with the lack of lighting. This benefits the undergraduate population because it will hopefully provide more lighting all around campus, making it a nicer and safer place to walk at night. This PIP was inspired by a student suggestion that the campus felt unsafe at night. Actions will hopefully come into effect soon after the proposal is presented.

Additionally, Carnegie Mellon President Farnam Jahanian is coming to Senate’s General Body Meeting next Thursday. He will be joining the members of Senate to discuss topics relating to school administration and what has been accomplished so far this school year. President Jahanian will be presenting things from his perspective on different important topics affecting students and the campus as a whole.

The meeting will serve as an opportunity to learn what the role of university president means, ask questions about what President Jahanian has been working on, and possibly even suggest ideas that you may have about aspects of the university that the president has control over. This is a public, annual event, so feel free to stop by the Danforth Conference Room located on the second floor of the Cohon University Center this coming Thursday to participate in the conversation. There will be food!