"Are Dreams Ambrosia"

Are dreams ambrosia or just poison sweet,
Designed to lull the unsuspecting mind
To nothing while time runs blithe and fleet
And leaves the dormant human race behind?
For oft I find my soul in wistful ire
That night holds such dominion o’er my years;
Alas, though I may struggle I still tire
And can do naught but shed those poignant tears.
For why should I surrender every day
To darkness when the moon and stars arise?
And why should I let hours slip away
Whilst I watch on with closed and bittered eyes?
I try to flee the looming storm and still
The shadows inundate my restless will.

"Fire in the Sky"

I raised my head and saw a fire
Burning in the sky
Like sparkling amber sprinkled onto
Golden fields of rye;
It seemed to me a gateway calling
Us to journey through
Into a world so close — so close — to
That of me and you
Except, perhaps, the people there chose
Different paths to take:
Forgiving friends and sparing foes for
Naught but kindness’ sake.
Perhaps we bade goodbye — at last! — to
All that we regret,
And you and I weren’t doomed to wonder
Whom we never met.