Why I Love Romantic Comedies

Credit: Anna Boyle/Art Editor Credit: Anna Boyle/Art Editor

What is it about romantic comedies that makes them so good? They’re pretty ridiculous most of the time, and yet my friends and I can’t stop watching them. To be honest, ever since Netflix added the first and second Princess Diaries, the only movies I’ve wanted to watched after are movies just like it: 13 Going on 30, all three Bridget Jones’ Diary movies, Clueless, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and the list goes on… At the moment, I’m actually in the middle of watching Netflix’s newly added teen romantic comedy, Sierra Burgess is a Loser.

The thing about these kinds of movies is that most of the storylines are reused and therefore predictable, the chances of the events in the movie actually happening to you are nearly impossible, and yet everything about these movies is so relatable. Now, let me clarify: for me rom coms are pretty spot-on with what I wish had happened to me in high school. Finally gaining my self-confidence, getting back at mean girls, finding true love in the end - these were all things I had hoped to achieve by the end of my high school career. I mean, if the main characters of these movies were able to do it in the span of an hour and forty-five minutes, then there was definitely a possibility for me to get this happily ever after ending at the end of my four years of high school. Of course that wasn’t the case for me, as well as for many others.

But as I move further and further away from my high school years, I’ve realized that I’ve actually been creating my own happily ever after, just by learning more about myself. In high school I defined happy endings based on those from the rom coms I watched, because I guess I didn’t know any better? At the time I was still figuring myself out, and to be honest I still am. But at least now, I have a better idea of what I want and value in life. Learning all this just happened over time and through gaining more experience. The stories in rom coms are a huge representation of who I used to and wanted to be, and looking back on that is very amusing to me.

It’s crazy that my past love for rom coms came just from me wishing I was the characters in those movies. Now, I love watching them because they bring back old memories and feelings from when I was a more inexperienced and immature version of myself. The characters and their stories are things I can still laugh at, cringe at, and occasionally swoon over. I don’t really care how ridiculous and unrealistic romantic comedies are, watching them will always be one of my favorite guilty pleasures.