Spring Carnival Concert: Wale

Credit: Lisa Qian/Photo Editor Credit: Lisa Qian/Photo Editor

For this year’s Carnival Concert, artists Wale and Shlohmo were the main performers. This was a highly anticipated concert, especially since many seemed to be interested in the pairing of Shlohmo’s electronic music with Wale’s rap music. Wale is a rapper well known for his feel-good sampling and remixes of popular songs; some of his tracks remind me of Kanye West’s music. Shlohmo, on the other hand has more of a relaxed and soothing vibe to his music, incorporating very unique sounds and beats to his songs. Before the concert, I had never heard of Shlohmo, and I only knew of the song “MY PYT” by Wale. I was excited to hear more of their music and learn more about both of the artists.

My friend and I arrived a little bit before 7 p.m. to find a spot up close to the stage. During that time, we were both really excited to have fun and dance to new music. We had been talking to others in line who were already fans of Wale, and they talked about how different his rap music was from other famous artists. I don’t think, however, we had met anyone who knew of Shlohmo before the event. While waiting for the concert to start, it was awesome seeing Activities Board (AB) Tech test out all the lights and effects. Having a spot all the way upfront near the stage, the lights were definitely blinding and the fog machines were very much in-your-face, however it all added to my and my friend’s excitement for the concert.

Over an hour passed and there were still no performers on stage. All the stage effects were still being used and loud music was playing, making the Cut resemble a stuffy
night club. It seemed like half the audience was getting annoyed waiting for someone to perform, while the other half didn’t care and danced to the pop and rap music AB Tech put on. Overall, many people were just very confused, including me and my friend.

At some point during the concert, someone came on stage (who was neither Shlohmo nor Wale) and started playing electronic music. However, nobody knew that he was Com Truise, another DJ, because no one came out to introduce him. For another hour or so Com Truise continued playing music while many still appeared to be confused, wondering where Wale or Shlohmo were. By around 9 p.m. Wale came on stage and the entire audience cheered. It was nice to see that most of the audience still had so much energy and excitement, because, honestly at that point, I was already tired.

I did enjoy Wale’s music and he performed fun, upbeat songs like “My Love” featuring Major Lazer, Wizkid, and Dua Lipa, and 2009 throwback song “Chillin” featuring Lady Gaga. For a bit, I was able to dance and have a good time, but very quickly the area near the stage became packed with people and there was barely any space to move. At one point, a good number of people around me fell down because people began pushing. The whole environment and atmosphere of the concert became really uncomfortable, so my friend and I decided to leave. Even though my Carnival Concert experience wasn’t ideal, at least I was introduced to some new good music; Wale’s performance and songs definitely made up for everything else.