Love Ramen

Credit: Paola Mathus/Visual Editor Credit: Paola Mathus/Visual Editor

I’ve been doing my best to seek out more unique eateries in Pittsburgh. And, when I say “unique,” I’m referring to a restaurant’s food and atmosphere. I feel like these are the coolest kinds of places to casually meet up with friends and hang out. As of right now, one of my favorite unique restaurants to eat at in Pittsburgh is Love Ramen. It’s located on Atwood Street in Oakland and, like the name suggests, it serves ramen.

What makes Love Ramen so special, however, is its frozen yogurt backstory. All I know is that Love Ramen used to be named Love Yogurt, and its specialty used to be frozen yogurt. I’m not actually sure when the restaurant’s name was changed, but inside you’ll still find a frozen yogurt toppings bar. I think they still do sell yogurt, but the majority of their customers come for the ramen.

I discovered this place last summer when one of my friends brought me for lunch. My initial thoughts of the restaurant were “how unusual” and “that’s interesting, a yogurt place that’s known for their ramen.” Once I sat down and finally had a bowl of their ramen, I realized then how cool and unique it was to be eating there. First of all, the ramen is pretty good. There are various options for broths, noodles, proteins, and toppings from which you choose and check off from their laminated menus. The portions are quite filling, so be sure to arrive on an empty stomach. The presentation of the food is also very cute, where you receive your steaming ramen in a large black bowl on a bright red tray, with a large spoon and chopsticks.

My favorite aspect of Love Ramen, however, is its fun atmosphere. The walls are painted very bright and whimsical colors like lime green, orange, and pink. Under all the tables, you’ll find a variety of board games from your childhood that you can play with your friends. And at different sections in the store, you’ll see the remnants of their original “just frozen yogurt” business, which is cool and a bit random. Being in the restaurant definitely makes me feel like a young kid again, and it’s now a favorite spot for me and my friends mainly because of its fun and relaxed setting. Another great thing is that it’s never too crowded when we go and the service is pretty quick. If you’re looking for a nice place to eat with a low-key atmosphere and good ramen, be sure to check out Love Ramen.