Advice for Awkward People

Hey Izzy,

It’s my last Carnival, and I feel like I’ve experienced everything: from the Carnival Concert to Booth to Pavilion to getting drunk and waking up in someone else’s house. I almost debated just skipping Carnival this year and going away for the weekend. But alas, my friends convinced me to stay, saying “it’s your last Carnival you gotta experience it one more time.” But, I’m not really sure what other new, exciting things I can do. I guess I’ll go to all the usual things, like the Carnival Concert and Booth and Pavilion and I’ll probably end up getting too drunk and waking up in someone else’s house, but I’ll still have a whole weekend of stuff left to do. Do you have any ideas?

So Excited, NOT, Inneed Of Rest


In my opinion, your friends are right — it is your last Carnival and you should make the most of it. You’ll never see anything like Carnival at any other college, or really anywhere else for that matter — it’s not only a great break from the hustle and bustle of the intense stress of the last few weeks before school ends, but just a greatly timed surprise and a great way to spend time with friends or reconnect with people you haven’t seen.

See what your friends are doing, if anything. While some of the events are the same, what is always different are the new memories you make with friends along the way (cheesy, I know. Sorry). Wander around a bit and talk to people! Since Carnival is a break within the school year, it’s a great chance to surround yourself with friends and good vibes, and just have fun because school can be the worst sometimes.

And while some of the events are the same, that doesn’t mean what they offer every year is the same too. The Carnival Concert always has different artists, so maybe that difference in genre will pan out. Instead of the EDM music they usually have for almost every concert, this year Activities Board is bringing rapper Wale out to The Cut. Scotch’n’Soda will still be putting on a tale of questionable morality, but this time it is set in 1920s Chicago rather than a high school in the 1980s. And instead of having their outdoor comedy show or, whatever Activities Board (AB) did in previous years, AB is bringing Chris Gethard to Carnegie Mellon this Carnival! There’s a bunch of events listed in our Carnival calendar, so check it out.

But, more importantly, Carnival is a time to relax. If you end up just doing that, that’s also fine. You can choose to not do work, but also knock out some big projects out of the way. In the end, it’s really your time and experience, and what matters is that you make the most of it.