Student Body Vice President for Finance Candidate: Elena Lazareva

Elena Lazareva, better known as Ella, is a sophomore studying physics.

As a Director of External Events for Alpha Phi for the past two years, she has had experience communicating and collaborating with other organizations to host engaging events to foster relationships between both individuals and Greek chapters. In her campaign platform, she states that this position has taught her how to manage budgets and efficiently allocate funds where they can add most value.

In addition to working with Greek chapters of a range of sizes, she has been active in the Russian Club, where she serves as the Vice President of Finance. She believes that, unlike the organizations that have stronger presences on campus, smaller ones, such as the Russian Club, tend to target a specific niche of students and do not have an alumni base to support them which makes it harder for smaller clubs to raise a solid budget to stay afloat, let alone spend under that budget. This has allowed her to see the importance of extending support to organizations struggling to gain membership and funds for their endeavors. Lazareva could not be reached for comment by The Tartan.