Student Body Vice President for Finance Candidate: Evan Feder

Credit: Courtesy of Evan feder Credit: Courtesy of Evan feder

Evan Feder believes in the importance of communication and sees crucial gaps in efficiency in the current Joint Funding Committee (JFC) allocation process. Feder, a first-year student who is double majoring in Business Administration and Statistics and Machine Learning, is running in the 2018 elections to be Student Body Vice President of Finance. He is confident that his experience in student government and his passion for business make him an ideal candidate for the role.

Although he only arrived at Carnegie Mellon less than a year ago, Feder has already racked up tons of experience. He is the Vice Chair of the JFC and works closely with the current Student Body Vice President of Finance to finance clubs and organizations on campus. As Vice Chair, he has spent the past few months “pouring over organization budgets and working with the other members of the committee to allocate approximately $1.9 million,” he said in an interview with The Tartan. Along with this position, Feder sits on a council that provides student feedback to the undergraduate business program. In his free time, he is a part of several clubs, including the Introductory Finance Society, the Business Technology Club, and the Quant Club, clearly demonstrating the passion he has for business.

Feder decided to run for the position of Student Body Vice President of Finance because he wanted to keep serving on the JFC “to continue to help [Carnegie Mellon’s] clubs and organizations get funding.” However, he also sees a few critical issues with the current allocation process that he believes he knows how to fix.

As of now, the process dictates that about 25 committee members spend three to four months deciding how to allocate roughly $1.9 million dollars to approximately 300 club budgets. Feder asserts that this process can be streamlined and that “increasing communication between clubs and their JFC advisors will allow us to better help clubs get funding for events that matter to them.”