Spark the Movement

Last year, the Spark the Movement showcase served as a creative way for students on campus to express their thoughts and feelings on a variety social issues. Students used various forms of art forms, from dance to poetry, to bring light to relevant topics such as race, gender equality, and mental health. First introduced to the campus community as a project by former fifth year scholar Rachel Freer, Spark the Movement has now become its own student organization, which intends to host the showcase each year. The event is meant to inspire others to speak their minds on the current issues we face in society, and to create a safe space where all voices and perspectives are welcomed.

This year’s showcase will be presented in two parts: the first will take place in Rangos Ballroom at 7:30 p.m. and will feature 12 live performances by various student dancers, singers, and poets. Viewers should expect the live performance part to tell stories of personal and social struggle, as well as hope and empowerment. The second part of the showcase will take place immediately after the first, during a reception at the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion. There, attendees can enjoy refreshments while viewing visual art pieces created by students; the visual art exhibition will continue to be displayed a week after the showcase. Events like this one are important for our campus, as they can help remind members of our community to be kind and take care of one another.

The Spark the Movement showcase is funded by your student activities fees and the Division of Student Affairs, and the reception is being sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion.