Pillbox Editor recaps Week 9 of Tartan Fantasy Football

Greetings from first-time Fantasy Football loser and Pillbox Editor, Michelle Madlansacay! I’m here today to give you all a recap of Week 9 for our Tartan Fantasy Football League. My team, mmichelle123, was the only one that moved down in ranking this week (which is cool with me), while Publisher Caleb Miller kept his team, Last Manning Standing, in first. Following him are Visual Editor Tracy Le’s futbol and Assistant Pillbox Editor Izzy Sio’s GOAT But Ironically who kept their spots in second and third place, respectively. Sports Editor Marika Yang’s Gin and Bear It moved up a spot to seventh place, sadly bumping me down to eighth and last place.

Aside from my team’s misfortune, the past week overall has been pretty exciting for our Fantasy League.

Last Manning Standing over GOAT But Ironically, 112.52 to 92.68

Last Manning Standing now has an overall record of 7-2, while GOAT But Ironically’s record drops to 5-4. New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara looks like someone to watch out for on Last Manning Standing, since his leading 29.60 points helped bring Miller’s team to victory. Miller also had some other players with abnormally high fantasy points this week, like Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick with 24.02 points and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce with 21.90 points.

The losing team, Sio’s GOAT But Ironically, unfortunately didn’t have nearly as many high scoring players this week, with only Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes scoring above 20 points this week with 26.80 points. Three other offensive players all scored below ten points, and Sio’s Baltimore Ravens defense only scored one point, contributing to her team’s loss this round.

futbol over Slugs, 129.98 to 92.96

In their second matchup against Operation Manager Adam Tunnard’s Slugs, Le’s futbol yet again finishes with a win, bringing their overall record to 6-3 and bumping down Slugs’ record to 4-5. It was futbol’s Chicago Bears defense who really led the team to victory this week, scoring 28 points. Individual players on Le’s team put up solid performances, with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton scoring 21.18 points, Julio Jones with 18.10 points, George Kittle with 16.80 points, and Nick Chubb with 15 points.

The losing team, Tunnard’s team Slugs, had no players score above 20 points, which probably explains the team’s loss this week. Slugs’ defense, of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and kicker, Jake Elliot of the Philadelphia Eagles together had a total fantasy score of zero points. It was an unlucky week for Slugs (but not as unlucky as my week).

TARTAN FANTASY over newz, 127.22 to 80.26

Three players led Photo Editor Lisa Qian’s team, TARTAN FANTASY, to a big win this week, beating News Editor Nora Mattson’s team, newz by 46.96 points. Those players were Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, and Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who in total scored an impressive 75.12 points.

Mattson’s newz did have one big scorer this week: Atlanta Falcons running back Tevin Coleman who scored 27.6 points. Tennessee Titans running back Dion Lewis and Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins had the second and third highest scores of 18.20 and 16.50, respectively. Unfortunately, newz had two players who scored a total of 0 points this week, definitely contributing to the loss.

Gin and Bear It over mmichelle123, 99.44 to 79.16

Ah, finally we’ve come to the part of the recap where I tell you all about my devastating misfortune: losing to Yang’s team Gin and Bear It by 20.28 points. I’m not sure where things went wrong, but I do know that Gin and Bear It has this guy named Jared Goff, Rams quarterback, score a total of 29.34 points. I guess that’s impressive. This, without a doubt, is what led to Yang’s victory, since all the other players on her team scored below twenty points, with four of them scoring below ten points. Gin and Bear It’s kicker, Justin Tucker of the Ravens, and defense of the New York Jets did, however, score pretty well with 10 and 8 points, respectively.

My team just had a really bad week. My highest scorer was Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who only scored 10.20 points, while the rest…well I’d rather not talk about it. But, my kicker, Saints’ Wil Lutz and my defense, of the Minnesota Vikings, did score a combined 33 points. Unfortunately, these scores weren’t enough to save me from the bottom ranking this week; Yang’s team moves up while I take its place at the bottom of the standing. But it’s all good! Hopefully next week will go better!

Anyway, tune in next week for another Tartan Fantasy Football recap from the week’s biggest loser! Le’s team futbol will take Miller’s league-leading Last Manning Standing, Tunnard’s Slugs and Sio’s GOAT but Ironically will square off against each other, Mattson’s newz will play Yang’s Gin and Bear It, while I will try to get out of the bottom versus Qian’s TARTAN FANTASY.