Brunch Buddies: Pamela’s P&G Diner

It only took about a month of restraint – or agonized waiting, however you want to phrase it – before I finally got to go to Pamela’s Diner, a Pittsburgh staple, for the first time this semester. While it’s definitely not The Tartan’s first time talking about Pamela’s, here’s a first-hand experience reminding you why this diner is a college must during your time at Carnegie Mellon.

The location: Pamela’s P&G Diner has several locations throughout Pittsburgh. There’s a Pamela’s in Shadyside, Oakland, and in the Strip District. My friend and I elected to go to the Pamela’s in Squirrel Hill. It’s one of the first restaurants you see when you turn on Murray Street, and we could already see people gathered around the door at 10:30 a.m. Despite this, we were seated fairly quickly – when you’re a diner that's been around for almost 40 years, you know how to deal with the morning rush.

The vibe: The restaurant was packed with all kinds of people: families, college students, teenagers, a group of old men hanging out for brunch. It created an interesting, refreshing dynamic that captured the spirit of a small town, even though Pittsburgh is far from that. Pamela’s staff was incredibly friendly, making sure our order went through and it felt like I was in good hands. It was so easy to relax in Pamela’s and to slip into a conversation with my friend amid the morning activity of the restaurant.

The food: Pamela’s crepe-style hotcakes, which my friend and I both ordered, are the must-try dish of almost any Pamela’s visit. You can choose to get a stack of two or three pancakes, but no matter how many pancakes you order they are extremely filling. They’re thin, crunchy, warm, and one of the restaurant chain’s staples. We also ordered a side of Pamela’s famous Lyonnaise potatoes. They were piping hot when they arrived, but we both couldn’t help but dig in immediately. The potatoes have a great crunch to them, and they’re something that I’ll almost always order whenever I go to Pamela’s.

Lit or nah: I guess Pamela’s is lit in its morning hustle and bustle? Pamela’s in the morning is vibrant and lively no matter which location you go to. It’s a great place to start your morning off right and an even better place to go to with a company of great friends.