Bar Buddies: Butterjoint

Sinead and I have only been 21 in Pittsburgh for a month and haven’t really acclimated to the bar scene here yet. So when we picked our bar for this week, inevitably at the last minute, Google had to be involved. We picked the Butterjoint because of its closeness to our respective homes and because Sinead had walked by it before and had been meaning to try it out some time.

The location: As was previously stated, Butterjoint is ridiculously close to campus (and even closer if you live in Fairfax or Webster). It’s up North Craig Street a few blocks past Fifth Avenue in a very quiet area. While South Craig is constantly bustling with college students and restaurants, North Craig is desolate and residential.

The drinks: After our cocktail extravaganza of last week, we promised ourselves that we’d go somewhere this week that would be kinder to our wallets. We did not, however, end up keeping that promise. The entire menu was priced a bit higher than we’d have desired, so even though we tried to stick to the cheaper drinks, we still ended up spending more than we’d wanted. There’s always next week, I guess...

In general, the drinks were pretty mediocre. The cocktails were definitely not of the sugary variety geared towards college students, so we went with the boring adult choices of beer and white wine. I asked the waiter to recommend the sweetest white wine on the menu, but the one I ended up with was still pretty dry. The food, on the other hand, was pretty delicious. The burger was juicy and expertly cooked (the perfect last meal for a day when my diet had otherwise consisted of Cheetos and granola bars), and the french fries were perfection, somehow both moist and crunchy. According to Sinead, the pierogies were “pretty good if you don’t have a Polish grandmother.”

The vibe: The vibe was very intimate and adult. Butterjoint is a tiny place with a little bar and only a handful of tables. While last week the crowd was largely under age 30, this week I could spot three people with white hair from where I was sitting, which was pretty significant considering that the joint could probably only seat about 20 people. The lighting was very dim and the atmosphere was very calm and unexciting. Butterjoint is the right place for serious conversation and the wrong place for anything higher energy.

Lit or Nah: I have to go with nah. The combination of the drinks and the vibe was honestly quite dull. If you’re a college student, you probably don’t want to go to this bar for a fun Saturday night out with friends, but it might be a good place to go when your parents visit.