Bar Buddies: Tipsy Cow

This week, I decided to take a friend down to get a last taste of summer before the school year went into full swing. We decided to avoid the regulars on Walnut and take a turn onto Ellsworth Avenue to visit the Tipsy Cow.

The location: Ellsworth is a walkable distance from Walnut Street, and while it is a little out of the way, it has a quietness to it that makes sitting outside a delight. The temperature outside was perfect, and the music was just loud enough to hear and just soft enough for us to enjoy normal-toned conversation. The Tipsy Cow is the sister restaurant to Stack’d, a rowdy bar just off Walnut that’s a hybrid of a sports bar and college bar. Unlike Walnut, Ellsworth isn’t super packed, even on the weekends, which makes it great for people who want a Stack’d-like restaurant with a little more of a low-key feel.

Ellsworth also boasts restaurants like Harris Grill and The Elbow Room and bars like Element, which means it has a little life in the area that keeps it from feeling completely out of the way, and the crowd was new and fun to be around.

The drinks: Again, we’re going for the typical Stack’d vibe here, so drinks are priced pretty reasonably, and there’s a great selection for those who like their cocktails. For the summery vibe we were craving, my friend and I went for the Summer Red Sangria Pitcher and then a couple glasses of the Merlot. The joint also has a great selection of Mules. The Sangria itself wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t too potent, and a pitcher was definitely not too much for the two of us to finish. It had a nice aftertaste and warmed us up just enough to keep the chilled evening air from making us shiver.

The food is also great. You’ve got your typical build-your-own burger menu and finger foods to munch on with whatever drinks you end up getting, and, as far as I can tell, they’re pretty satisfactory.

The vibe: Low-key and very chill. The wait staff were incredibly laid back, and the bouncer kept a sharp eye out to ensure that anyone capable of causing a ruckus stayed out. Everyone present was snacking and taking it slow with their beverages, which kept the place from feeling a like a full-fledged bar. One of the waitresses had also brought her puppy to visit, and we had a great time playing with her outside while her owner was wrapping up for the night. I could definitely see myself vibing with the waiters if I came more often.

Lit or nah: I’m going to go with lit on this one. The experience that we were going for was exactly what we got, and the quality of service made the entire experience incredibly enjoyable. If you’re looking for a place where you can have conversations, grab a bite, and even just hang around, making the hike up to Ellsworth is definitely worth it. I will say, however, that The Tipsy Cow is definitely more a part of the restaurant scene than the bar scene in the area, so if you’re looking for a wild time, this is probably not the best place to make a pit stop.