SciTech Briefs

Josh Andah May 3, 2017

Apple will redesign its major stores for first time in 15 years

Apple plans to redesign its major stores in key locations. The change comes at a time when Apple is shifting to a greener operation structure. Apple stores haven't been redesigned in a major way since 2002.

There are many changes Apple plans to include in the renovation. 500 stores will see the addition of living trees, clearer and more energy-efficient display screens, and open conference rooms open to use by local companies. Furthermore, an educational program called "Today at Apple" will be introduced that teaches customers how to use movie and photo editing applications.

Apple hopes this new design will make their stores a community center where people spend their time, rather than simply a space for commerce.

Source: The Verge

Google fixes its search results, again

Google is working to remove offensive and inaccurate results from its searches. Search results will be improved with the help of human moderators and Search Quality Rater Guidelines. The guidelines aim to hide hoaxes, inaccurate information, misleading information (fake news), offensive results, and unsupported conspiracy theories.

Google recently came under fire for returning an anti-semitic website when one searches "Did the holocaust happen?" Google has included feedback options so users can report inaccurate autocomplete options or incorrect snippets (the box that appears at the top of search results).

Google has also decided to me more open with how its search algorithm works.

Source: The Verge