NGHTMRE and San Holo

Credit: Cindy Deng/Junior Photographer Credit: Cindy Deng/Junior Photographer Credit: Cindy Deng/Junior Photographer Credit: Cindy Deng/Junior Photographer Credit: Cindy Deng/Junior Photographer Credit: Cindy Deng/Junior Photographer

I’m happy to say that the ending to my first Spring Carnival was absolutely amazing with the concert in Wiegand Gym by DJs NGHTMRE and San Holo. I don’t often listen to trap and house music, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it before attending. When I arrived at the Cohon Center, however, I was surprised to see so many people anxiously waiting in line to get in. It actually took awhile for people to be let into Wiegand because of the big turnout. Eventually, my friend and I made it in, and we got spots right in front of the stage.

I attended the last Activities Board concert in November with iLoveMakonnen, and it still amazes me how they’re able to transform the entire gym into an extravagant concert venue. The room was filled with fog, even before the concert started. On the stage was this giant disco ball surrounded by different colored lights. Just by looking at the entire setup, I knew that there was a lot to look forward to.

Dutch DJ San Holo, came out first to perform and was clearly into it from the very beginning. The moment he began playing tracks, he immediately got everyone in the crowd to start dancing. He started with a few remixes, including one of his most popular ones: Dr. Dre’s "The Next Episode." San Holo then got into playing some original music. The strong beats and bass drops made everything seem more like a party than a concert. Lights of different colors flashed all throughout the room, creating this surreal effect while all the dancing and fist pumping were contagious. To finish his set, San Holo played his original and critically acclaimed song, "Light," and left everyone in a feel-good mood for NGHTMRE’s performance.

When NGHTMRE began playing his songs, I noticed a difference between his and San Holo’s music: NGHTMRE has more of an intense sound, with fast beats and hard bass drops. He also played a combination of originally produced music and remixes of popular songs by Drake, Journey, and Oasis, for example. Those were some of the coolest mixes I’ve ever heard, and he completely transformed them into new beats and sounds. I could feel the ground shaking as the entire crowd jumped to the rhythm of all of NGHTMRE’s music. The coolest thing about his performances were the effects, where fire and fog machines were incorporated. Two times during the concert, confetti fell from the ceiling and everywhere I looked people seemed to be having the time of their lives. People were loving every moment and wanted to interact with NGHTMRE as much as possible. My friend and I had to work hard to keep our front stage spots because people kept moving up as they jumped and danced.

Just watching concerts for this type of music is a lot of work in itself. With all the dancing, head bobbing, arm waving, and singing, you leave the venue pretty exhausted. But the most fascinating thing is that you also leave feeling rejuvenated. The whole experience is essentially one big dance party, with the performer projecting just as much energy as the audience. The music and entire environment left everyone with an awesome feeling, and was definitely a perfect ending to this year’s Carnival weekend.