Carnegie Mellon develops new carbon dioxide emission index

Credit: Paola Mathus/ Credit: Paola Mathus/

Carnegie Mellon has collaborated with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems to design and create a new index to evaluate the carbon emission levels of US energy companies.

The Carnegie Mellon Power Sector Carbon Index was revealed March 28 during Carnegie Mellon’s Energy Week 2017. The release of the index was intended to contribute to this year’s Energy Week discussions, as its contents were of great interest to the hundreds of energy scientists and power industry leaders and innovators in attendance at Energy Week.

The index contains data on the carbon footprints of various electric companies in the United States. It compares the footprint data of each company to each other in addition to emissions data from past years. It also includes an online component, which includes supplemental data and projections for future emission and carbon footprint trends.

According to the university, “the index will provide policymakers, regulators, utilities, industry analysts, and the public with a source of objective information on overall emissions across the United States electric power grid.” The data presented in the index is important information to have as the United States slowly heads toward building a future with more reliable and sustainable power sources — the index will help determine whether any progress is being made. And, aif progress is being made, the index will help determine how significant such progress is.

Paul Browning, a Mitsubishi executive and Carnegie Mellon graduate, states that “As the power sector continues to evolve, the Carnegie Mellon Power Sector Carbon Index will provide useful insights into progress the power sector is making to safeguard the environment while meeting the nation’s energy demand.”

The Carnegie Mellon Power Sector Carbon Index can be viewed at