Bar Buddies: STATION

Since Zeke had to do homework or something (cough nerd cough), I replaced him with a prettier bar buddy for this week's adventure to STATION. We arrived expecting train-themed cocktails but somehow ended up on a third date — or what felt like one. Despite our sticker shock, it was snowing, we were starving, and it was the end of a very long week. As a wise woman once said, "Treat Thyself."

The location: STATION is a modern American "gastropub" in Bloomfield, a pretty under-appreciated Pittsburgh neighborhood. It's right on the 64 line, if you're willing to wait forty minutes for a bus. It's also nestled between two bookshops, if your friend (or, more likely, long-term committed partner) is running late. Sorry again about that, pal.

The drinks: STATION's cocktails are what your classy grandma might drink on a yacht. They all contain ingredients like "lillet blanc" and "spiced carrot juice." I ordered a Havalina both because that'd be a cool name for a high fantasy character and because it contains elderflower, which I can only assume is what pixies drink out of thimbles.

The drink was delicious, subtle, and surprisingly alcoholic. It was also $12, but that was just a poke compared to the stabbing pain of paying for entrees. Apparently they have a completely different (and cheaper) menu at the bar that those b******s told us nothing about. The beer and wine is more reasonable, so long as you're not paying for a bottle of "Cosentino 'The Dark' Petite Sirah," but STATION rightfully prides itself on the craft cocktails.

The vibe: Again, this place is third date, possibly even anniversary dinner territory. Everything is leather upholstery and red brick walls and monochromatic color schemes. Most of the tables are for two. The only way the lighting could've been more romantic is if they'd actually put a candle on the table. Sure, you could just go for the bar, but the bar was pretty deserted when we left around 10. Maybe it livens up later, but I wouldn't try my chances.

Lit or nah: Nah, for the price. STATION has beautiful grandma cocktails and delicious food, sure, but now I'm going to be living on microwave ramen until Spring Break. Basically, it ain't worth it unless you've got money to burn and you want to treat someone special. Thanks for the lovely third date, Replacement Zeke.