VPF Candidate Profile: Mychanjlo Demko

Dietrich first-year Mychajlo Demko hopes to use the experience that he has already gained from the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) to influence his decisions as Student Body Vice President for Finance (SBVPF).

In addition to being a member of the JFC, he is also a member of the newly established Dietrich Student Advisory Council, a writer for The Cut, Carnegie Mellon’s music magazine, and a board member of the International Student Union.

He explained in an interview with The Tartan how experiences have helped to shape him for the role of SBVPF: “serving on the Joint Funding Committee has helped me directly gain the necessary financial skills needed for the role with knowledge of application that will allow me to start work immediately.”

Having been through the JFC process before, Demko has had a “vital communication role in representing student organizations’ needs and relaying those to the committee.” Some of the changes that Demko hopes to bring about through the role of SBVPF include ensuring “that each type of student activity and interest is impactfully heard by committee members.” He aims to hold the JFC accountable for a “consistent fund allocation according to clear, publicly available metrics.”

Despite only being a first year, Demko has thrown himself into the JFC process stating that it has been his “most passionate commitment ever since coming to Carnegie Mellon.” More information about Demko's plans and initiatives can be found at misoforfinance.wordpress.com.