VPF Candidate Profile: Shelly Balassyano

Junior economics and statistics major Shelly Balassyano is using her passion for finance and improving the allocation process to drive her campaign. She has been a member of Senate and the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) for most of her college career. This past year she has served as the Finance Chair of Student Senate.

An advocate for transparency, Balassyano has made countless efforts to reform student government. “In my role, I have made all of our transactions public and met with the current Student Body Vice President for Finance and Constitutional Advisor to alter the bylaws to ensure fiscal transparency of the rest of Student Government.” Balassyano hopes to use this experience to influence her campaign. If elected, she plans to restructure the JFC process. “I see organizations who struggle to make budgets, apply for funds, or transition information from one board member to another. There’s so little information online and JFC representatives are not equipped with the tools either. She also hopes to ensure that student government expenses are public to establish fiscal transparency and lift some of the burden for funding off of student organizations.

She also believes that diversity is very important for the Carnegie Mellon community. She cites her friends as a driving force behind her decision to run, stating that “the most impactful experience was more of a series of discussions I had with friends I made these past few years.” Balassyano is realistic about her goals and does not plan to “fix” everything within one year, but she hopes that her initiatives will outlast her term. “I want JFC representatives to know what they are taking money away from. I want them to realize the severity of the budget allocation process.” More information on Balassyano's platform is available at shelly-sbvpf.squarespace.com/platform/.