Plaidie Daddies become Tartan fantasy league champs

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Here we are with the final recap of the Tartan II’s first season of fantasy football. Previously, Editor-in-Chief India Price’s Plaidie Daddies upset Zeke Rosenberg’s heavily favored DeMarco DePolo to make it to the fantasy championships while my Dreamland Warriors came back from behind to squeak past Publisher Jade Crockem’s Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood.

In the end, the Plaidie Daddies defeated my Dreamland Warriors 202–200 to become our league champions. After all, how could a team with a name like that not win?

Plaidie Daddies over Dreamland Warriors 202-200

I remember way back in Week 4 when Price told me that she just planned on letting the roster she drafted just go at it without making any changes, despite having a kicker who didn’t play and a defense that frequently scored negative points. I encouraged her to make changes since growth is essential in fantasy football. I lost that week 107–104, a precursor to Price’s championship run.

Though I had built up a 117–98 lead in Week 16 thanks to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy, and New York Giants wide receiver Beckham, it just wasn’t enough. Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant, and New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount kept her team afloat and within a realistic chance of making a comeback.

My team collapsed in Week 17 courtesy of an injury to McCoy, a deflated Oakland team that left Oakland Raiders running back Murray no room to run, and my impatience with Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Fitzgerald, who scored 15 points when I put in Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and got two on the board instead. Brees and New York Jets running back Bilal Powell were the only two players on my team who scored double digits, compared to four players on Price’s team.

While Brees’ last drive against the Falcons gave me a 10-point lead heading into the final game between the Packers and Lions, three late passes to Detroit tight end Eric Ebron sealed the victory for the Plaidie Daddies.

Congratulations to Price. And f*** you, Zach Ertz. You do nothing for me before I cut you and pick up Tennesee Titans tight end Delanie Walker, and now you score 38 points against me. Ugh.

Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood over DeMarco DePolo 248-244

In a third-place match that could have easily been the final, Crockem’s team managed to overcome Rosenberg in a matchup that was close from start to finish. In Week 16, Rosenberg’s DeMarco DePolo escaped with a slim 127–124 lead. His wide receivers were critical to his success as Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson scored 36 points, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown earned 25, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans totaled 22. The lone miscue Rosenberg made was his decision to start the Bills defense, a move which made him four points worse off than not having any defense at all.

For Crockem, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot helped keep her team within striking distance of DeMarco DePolo, essentially setting up Week 17 as a winner take all matchup.

The Bills defense that scored -4 points in Week 16 came back to haunt Rosenberg in Week 17. Crockem emerged victorious after tallying 124 points compared to Rosenberg’s 117.

The three players in Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood who scored three points or fewer were more than balanced out by standout performances from Rodgers, Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, and Packers wide receiver Devante Adams.

While Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan kept Rosenberg in contention, the goose egg from the Bills defense could not make up for the negative output the previous week, which turned out to be the difference in this extremely tight matchup.

What is going on? over Loquacious Losers 188-173

In a league and game where Pillbox Co-Editor Sinead Foley has no idea what is going on, she still managed to finish in fifth place after overcoming a 100–90 deficit against Layout Manager Abhishek Tayal’s Loquacious Losers.

Without much to play for, both teams settled for the players they had set previously, resulting in three zero point performances across the teams. Still, Tayal looked like he might have had the edge considering the performances of Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, and Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard. However, Cardinals running back David Johnson and San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates kept Foley’s team afloat heading into the last week of play.

Not switching up the roster ended up proving to be more costly for Tayal than Foley, as he had three players put up zero points compared to only Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill on Foley’s team.

The high scoring players Tayal had were on teams that wanted to rest their stars for the playoffs, resulting in a 98–73 score that put Foley in the final spot of the top half of the league.

extremely trash team over Masshole Knickerbockers 226-183

Despite its name, Alex Wood’s extremely trash team wasn’t actually that bad, just not given enough home run hitters from the waiver wire to keep its strong post draft status. Despite the losses the team had this year, Wood clearly dominated Lula Beresford’s rookie team.

In Week 16, the extremely trash team outscored Beresford’s team 145–67. Wood received great performances from Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, and Saints running back Mark Ingram while Beresford started two injured players who totaled zero points.

Without any outstanding performances to keep her team afloat, she found herself in a 78-point hole.

Despite a sizable reversal of fortune that gave Beresford 116 points in Week 17 compared to Wood’s 81, it wasn’t nearly enough to overcome the previous week’s deficit.

Wood’s team had several players resting for the actual playoffs while Beresford called on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams, and Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph.

Finishing in eighth place is certainly not fun, but that’s to be expected from a first time player with less knowledge of the game than the competition (not everyone can be India and Jade). Finishing in seventh place despite a deep knowledge of football, however, must be frustrating for Wood, who will hopefully have better luck the next time he takes part in fantasy.

McManus’s Anus over How does this work? 225-152

This was a statement game for Sarah Gutekunst, one to prove that her team was not so bad that it would fall below Foley’s second, less observed team. McManus’s Anus won in convincing fashion, starting with a 115–75 result in Week 16. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson led the team with 33 points, and three other players on her roster scored double digits. By contrast, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota left his game injured, and the Denver Broncos defense yielded -4 points.

The final week of play closely resembled Week 16: Gutekunst scored 110 points compared to Foley’s 77.

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, Browns tight end Gary Barnidge, and the Philadelphia Eagles defense gave good performances, while three players gave Foley zero points.

Strangely, Broncos kicker Brandon McManus sat on the bench during this matchup, despite being the inspiration for the team name and being Gutekunst’s favorite player last year. Evidently, she’s chosen to move on from him, which makes sense given her team’s close to dead last finish.

If you ever decide to play fantasy again Sarah, I definitely wish you better luck than you had this year. At least you’ve got The Bachelor.