Student Government column

Election season has officially started at Carnegie Mellon! Over the past year, I have been able to see up close the amazing work that executive members of Student Government have accomplished — from work in fiscal and government transparency to the introduction of so many new and exciting student organizations onto our campus. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what new ideas come in with a new executive board and Senate. But what spots are open, and what unique opportunities do each have access to?

Serving as the Vice President of Finance (SBVPF), Neal Choudhary (sbvpf@) supervises the Joint Funding Committee applications processing, managing over $1.5 million for student organization funding and monitoring its proper usage. Within this position, Choudhary has stated that the interactive nature of his role with so many organizations all over campus and the ability to help them make an impact is the most rewarding part of his role as SBVPF.

Nina Fan (sbvpo@) finds that the most meaning in her role of Vice President of Student Organizations (SBVPSO) comes from her ability to give back to the Carnegie Mellon community and help organizations achieve their goals. As SBVPSO, along with advocating for student organizations, Fan facilitates the process for new organizations seeking Student Government recognition and for the more than 350 organizations seeking re-recognition. She also works with the Office of Student Activities to facilitate the biannual space allocation process.

In student government associations, the positions President for the Graduate Student Assembly and Undergraduate Student Senate are held by Daniel Gingerich (gsa-president@) and Nikki Ambalo (student-senate@), respectively, and both are responsible for representing students and facilitating action and organization in their respective associations. Petitions are also available to students who wish to serve as representatives in the Senate, a position where current College of Engineering Senator Dave Singh says he finds reward in “being able to enact tangible change on campus for issues that truly matter to students.”
Finally, the roles of Student Body President and Vice President are held by Vaasavi Unnava (sbp@) and Aaron Gutierrez (sbvp@), respectively. These positions manage initiatives through the President’s Cabinet and head the executive board. Unnava says her favorite part of this position has been talking to students about why they love Carnegie Mellon. When asked what he found most rewarding in this position, Gutierrez replied, “you see the amazing things happening on our campus, and you get to help students do the amazing work they love.”

There’s so many opportunities to do engaging and impactful work as part of Student Government, so if interested, please reach out to any member of Student Government and form a petition before March 7!