Bar Buddies: Brunch Edition

After days of cramming and somehow simultaneously having too much and not enough sleep, you had to drag yourself out of bed this morning at an ungodly hour for an 8:30 a.m. final.

As you hand in your exam and stagger out of the lecture hall you have only one thought in your mind: boozy brunch. Whether you’re looking for celebratory bottomless Mimosas or to drown your sorrows with a custom made Bloody Mary, we’ve got your pre-noon alcohol needs covered with this week’s bar, The Yard.

The location: Located just off Walnut St., with its plethora of food, drink, and procrastination options, The Yard is an easy walk from campus and an even easier bus ride on any 71 bus. A lot of people hear Walnut St. and automatically get off at Aiken, but the next stop is actually Bellefonte and I’m always on board for less walking.

The drinks: The most important features of The Yard’s brunch drink menu are the bottomless Mimosas and the build your own Bloody Mary bar. If you’re feeling something a bit stronger there are a variety of spiked coffee options.

We went for Mimosas. I, as the lightest lightweight on the planet, enjoyed them, but even I noticed they were heavy on the juice and light on the champagne. They’re overpriced, but they are bottomless so will probably get the job done if you don’t mind abusing your bladder.

The food is in a class of its own. Breakfast options include Snozzberry Pancakes, which are the sugariest thing I’ve ever eaten, Chicken ‘n’ Waffles Sliders, and Holla Holla French Toast, which is godly. What The Yard is really known for, though, is grilled cheese. I’m not talking about a little cheddar slapped between some bread. I’m talking about gloriously cheesy concoctions with at least five ingredients and some sort of delightful sauce. It’s as good as you think. Pro tip: the special is almost always a good idea.

The vibe: Okay, coming clean here: calling The Yard a bar is a bit of a stretch. It’s more of a restaurant that happens to feature affordable alcohol prominently. But for your boozy brunch needs close to campus, it can’t be beat.

The vibe is best described as comfy. The lighting is cheery, the music is usually good and when it isn’t it’s at least amusing. The service is great, particularly during brunch when the place is less packed, and the waitstaff are wonderful.

Lit or nah: Any place that serves french toast that is actually just a square donut with syrup is lit in my opinion. The Yard is a great brunch standby.