Fantasy football: bad luck and poor decisions add up

It was bound to happen eventually, though it feels like it happened one week earlier than it should have. No matter how well you build your team, it’s always subject to insanity when the games actually occur, and this week’s chaotic combination of developments led me to the biggest loser spot this week.

Third-String Team over Easy Breesy 104.9–85.5

Assistant Sports Editor Marika Yang finally got her first win of the season over my team. Both of our teams had lackluster performances across the board: six players on Yang’s team were held to single digits compared to five on my team. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce scored 24.4 points, a much-needed turnaround from his one-catch, one-yard performance last week. The Seattle Seahawks defense took advantage of the Indianapolis Colts sans quarterback Andrew Luck, earning 22 points. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green put out a respectable 17.3 points.

On my end, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees provided the most points for me with 19. Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt had 16.1, a respectable, if ordinary number. Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy gave an average 13.8 points, still not having found the end zone once this season. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones suffered a hip injury in the second quarter, leaving him with only 6 points. Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas only earned 2.1 points due to the poor play from quarterback Trevor Siemian.

Yes We Cam over Team Andah 160.6–109.5

Staffwriter Josh Andah finds himself at the other end of a blowout this week as Editor-in-Chief India Price’s team destroyed him. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot roared to life with a 29.9 point performance, and Houston Texans running back Lamar Miller nearly matched that amount with 29.1. New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning provided 27.7 points. When even Price’s defense (Pittsburgh Steelers) and her kicker (New England Patriots’ Stephen Gostkowski) provided 15 points apiece, the makings of a blowout were there.

On Andah’s side, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson earned 27.6 points, keeping up with Manning’s production. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans captured 17.7 points, and Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard earned a respectable 14.3. Two big disappointments kept Andah from competing with Price. Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown only got 7.4 points as the Steelers’ big lead meant more running instead of passing. On the flip side, Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon notched a mere 3.9 points as his team fell behind early and abandoned the running game.

Justin Tucker Must (not) Die over Drop it like it’s Crock 136.5–95.3

Watch out, everybody. Contributing Editor Lula Beresford seems to have made up for her awful draft strategy with solid waiver wire moves, as her team moved to overwhelmingly defeat Publisher Jade Crockem’s team. Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell led the way with 34.6 points and Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette gave a strong 24.5-point performance. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady rounded out her top performers with 20.5 points.

On Crockem’s side, Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson led with 23.5 points. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott earned a strong 22.6 points. Unfortunately for Crockem, that’s where the strong performances ended. Packers running back Ty Montgomery earned a measly 2.8 points, and Cowboys tight end Jason Witten produced a paltry 1.9 points.

The week already looks bleak for me: Brees, Thomas, and Jones are all on their bye weeks. Additionally, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was too injured to play Thursday night, and I didn’t check until it was too late.

Elsewhere, Yang’s replacement quarterback, Alex Smith of the Chiefs, may not be able to make up the difference between her roster and Price’s roster. Beresford’s addition of Bills tight end Charles Clay will help beat down Andah’s team, as he has not replaced his kicker on by week.