Roboto Punk Flea Market

Punk rock’s not dead. In fact, punk rock is very much alive. At the Roboto Punk Rock Flea Market on Saturday Sept. 24, a handful of local vendors and people looking to sell their vintage items gathered to promote themselves and the scene.
The Mr. Roboto Project, a music venue in Bloomfield, brought back the market after a year-long hiatus. Before, the market was held every couple months, but it has recently resurfaced, featuring not only the best of the scene, but also small artistic highlights of Pittsburgh as well.

Local artist Carly Casey sold her unique woven dreamcatchers and banners to the Flea Market. She also sold her prints and patches that blended right in to the underground, vintage vibe of the Mr. Roboto Project and the Punk Rock Flea Market.

People from all over Pittsburgh gathered to sell their things, including old clocks, classic cassettes, Green Day CDs, comics as recent as Ms. Marvel and as classic as Brian Michael Bendis’ run of Daredevil, and even a Nintendo Gamecube featuring Super Smash Bros. Melee, which was left on for visitors to play with and compete against each other.

Punky Comics and Scumball Co. also featured their art at the Flea Market. Punky Comics sells a variety of products featuring their original art, such as stickers and zines as well as originally curated cassettes and vinyl. Their zines feature their original art highlighting the best and the weird of the alternative culture of Pittsburgh. Scumball Co. also specializes in weird and cool designs, selling their own shirts and stickers.

To compliment the vintage vibe of the Flea Market, The Black Cat Market sold their original blend of coffee, Grounds and Hounds Coffee, and Three Rivers Tea Company Tea, along with their own mugs, sleeves, stickers, and buttons to promote the café’s opening this fall. The Black Cat Market will be Pittsburgh’s first cat café, where they will serve coffee and bring cats for visitors to play with. The Black Cat Market also sold their own vegan sugar cookies, a sampling of the treats the café will have to offer when it opens.

City Grows is an urban organic garden shop that featured their air plants, which are special kinds of plants that require extra care. The shop strives to integrate helping the earth in every aspect of their business, often recycling items or repurposing them for future use. Additionally, the shop only sells certified organic plants and products.

The Mr. Roboto Project also sold their own merchandise outside the market, and participated in the flea market by selling other bands' shirts, records, and spools of ribbon for $1 each.

At the Mr. Roboto Punk Rock Flea Market, the community truly came together to learn about and celebrate the scene. The scene never dies; rather it evolves, and has brought along several different aspects of what makes Pittsburgh great.