Warm Clothes...Fall Approaching

The routine is almost set. 7 a.m. my alarm blares harmoniously through my room to wake me up and by seven thirty I’m in the kitchen putting an acceptable meal together. By eight, I’ve got my headphones in and I’m strolling down to class, and by nine thirty class is over.

The sun never fails to throw a regal glow over my furniture just before seven, devoid of the excessive warmth of the afternoon, and so I had to consider a means of shifting between the sleeves: short and long, and the pant lengths: short and long.

The routine settled in quite well at first. The morning air at the beginning of the school year is crisp and cooler than the rest of the day. I could comfortably wear my gym shorts and old shirt under a hoodie and ditch the hoodie on the way back home. Then came the complications.

Sometimes the sneakers made my feet feel sweaty, and sometimes it would rain while I was out in flip flops. Sometimes my socks would slip under my ankles if I wore sneakers, and pinch hard around my ankles in boots. There were times when I wanted warm tea, but by the time it was ready, the heat of noon had already made its way through my system. At times I would leave my sunglasses and the bottom of my bag and debate between squinting on the way home, or digging through my belongings.

The complications crept into my mind, and towered over me while I stared, aimlessly into my closet. The little voice that usually lulls me into a trance while I walk down a dark street at night whispered curses under its breath. There before me hung sweater after sweater, color-coded and cold, pushed to the side to leave room for the flirty sundress, the floral blouse, and the casual scarf.

Swimming through my head were the usual images. The crunchy crimson leaves, the rich orange of pumpkins and the sweet cinnamon bouquet of apple cider. I craved the warmth in the cold and the cold in the sun. I could see myself sorting through sweaters, picking which one to wear when, and where, and with who. The thick black and white stripes for the night out to an event and the blushing pink to brighten up a gloomy day. I would wear the deep navy when it was raining and pair it with the black tights and the boots. Oh the boots.

The thick rubbery blues for the rain, and the black faux leather ankles for the weekend. The UGG knock-offs for impulsive target runs and the fur-lined knee-highs for those particularly chilly nights. And of course, you would pairs those with the hats. The beanies that you pull down over your ears as the air nips at your face, and their flaps that you tie around your chin when it gets too windy. The soft ones for when the day looks like it’s going to be rough, and the sharp ones for when you need to class it up. These of course match, those gloves. The gloves with the touchscreen compatible tips and the hooks that keep them together so that you don’t lose them in the sleeves of your jackets. The deep maroon one with the double breasted buttons and the collar that surpasses your neck. The black one that goes with everything, even though it’s missing a button, and the scraggly one that you probably should throw away but never will.

But alas, I heave a heavy sigh, for today, the sun is still shining with all its might and my sweaters must remain where they are.