Campus news in brief

Carnegie Mellon University and China’s Tsinghua University renew dual-degree masters program in computer science

It was recently announced that Carnegie Mellon University renewed its deal with Tsinghua University in China to offer students at both universities the chance to learn computer science from faculty at the top-ranked computer science programs in both the United States and China. This program will allow students to receive degrees from both universities.

Both Carnegie Mellon and Tsinghua University are striving to have this newer dual-degree program be accessible to more students in China and in other countries. The renewed program will also eliminate the previous version’s thesis requirement.

Present at the signing of the agreement was Jianping Wu, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and head of Tsinghua’s Computer Science Department. Also present were Wenwu Zhu, professor and deputy head of Tsinghua’s Computer Science Department, and Jun Zhu, associate professor of computer science at Tsinghua and an adjunct faculty member of Carnegie Mellon’s Machine Learning Department.

“This will be a great opportunity for students who want to maintain strong ties with China, but also seek the advantages that come with credentials from two outstanding computer science programs,” Frank Pfenning, head of Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Science Department, said in a university press release.

Students will spend the first year of instruction at Tsinghua University. Afterwards, scholarships will be established to support these students, who will then finish their second year of study at Carnegie Mellon. About five students are expected to take part in this program during the first year.
Recruitment for the program begins in the fall.

The Center for Iranian Music at Carnegie Mellon University to host concert on Sept. 14 to promote Persian music

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, the Center for Iranian Music (CFIM) at Carnegie Mellon University will be hosting a concert showcasing Persian traditional music by the ensemble Zakmeh-Del. The concert will take place at 8 p.m. at the Kresge Theatre in the College of Fine Arts building.

The CFIM was founded in 2012 by Reza Vali and Bijan Elyaderani. The mission of the center is to “preserve and promote Iranian music. This includes traditional music, folk music, contemporary music, and commemorative and religious music,” as stated on the center’s website.

CFIM pursues activities in education, community engagement, and the conservation and promotion of Iranian music in order to achieve this goal.

All Carnegie Mellon University students, faculty, and staff will receive free admission. Regular ticket prices are $35. Student tickets are $20. Ticket information can be found online at