A message from The Tartan Board regarding Natrat

The past week has been a rough time to be a member of the Carnegie Mellon community. We suddenly lost not one, but two of our peers. Rajat Patra and Elliott Glasgow were both far too young to be taken away from us.

Even as we reel from the shock and mourn their loss, we must remember Rajat and Elliott not for their early deaths, but for the incredible people they were during happier times.

At The Tartan, we want to play our part and address the issues with the respect that they deserve. As a result, we’re making a change to this week’s paper that we’d like to explain.

We are postponing our Natrat edition. Natrat is our once-a-year, April Fool’s day themed edition that we typically publish during the first week of April, which includes fake satirical news similar to The Onion.

In light of the past week, fake news that pokes fun at Carnegie Mellon’s idiosyncrasies would not be appropriate at this time. Instead, we have decided to dedicate the front page of the paper to the memorial service for both Elliott and Rajat. They deserve to have their story told, and we want to do everything we can to achieve that end.

It is with this reasoning that we felt this was the most appropriate course of action given the circumstances.

We also want to urge people to take a moment to reflect on Elliott and Rajat and the lives they lived. The discussions these deaths have sparked on campus are well-meaning and important, but it is also important to ensure that the lives of the people igniting these conversations are not pushed aside.
As Carnegie Mellon’s newspaper, we want to make sure we treat this tragedy with the deference deserved by the campus community and both Elliott and Rajat.