Neal Choudhary: JFC policy changes will make budget allocations process easier

Credit: Courtesy of Neal Choudhary Credit: Courtesy of Neal Choudhary

I am honored to be elected Student Body Vice President for Finance (SBVPF) and to serve you in the upcoming year. Carnegie Mellon University, with all its wonders and horrors, is home to all of us. I believe it is the duty of each and every one of us to make it a better community.

I am humbled to be in a crucial position to uphold this duty. Thank you for the confidence and trust you place in me. The responsibilities of the SBVPF are numerous. I aim to do my utmost to uphold these to the highest standard.

My goals as SBVPF are simple: I want to improve the Budget Allocation process by increasing awareness about the Joint Funding Committee (JFC) through initiatives such as JFC Awareness Day and more, to ensure that JFC’s membership is representative of the diverse multitude of organizations we have on campus; to implement more consistency in the allocations provided to organizations; to improve communication to organizations; and to increase transparency about the budget allocation process to collaborate with the Student Body President, Student Senate, and other members of Student Government in their initiatives to improve the Carnegie Mellon community.

While ambitious, these goals are attainable and it will be my top priority to make them a reality.

It is my belief that being in the Student Government Executive Branch is akin to having a conversation with the student body and working to provide them what they want. As such, I would love to hear your ideas and plans about what we can do better next year. If you have any feedback or observations or criticisms, please share them with me.

I am very prideful about being a Tartan. I am thrilled to be a part of the Carnegie Mellon Community every day. As such, words cannot describe how excited I am to enter this role next year. I want to thank you all for your participation within the community. I look forward to us working together next year.