International news in brief

Al Qaeda militants execute 17 Yemen government soldiers

ADEN — On Saturday, 17 government soldiers loyal to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi were captured and executed by militants while traveling from their homes near the southern port of Aden to the al-Mahra province in eastern Yemen to withdraw their salaries. The militants are likely affiliated with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which has been gaining power in Yemen due to the civil war.

Source: Reuters

Former Argentine president charged with embezzlement

BUENOS AIRES — Cristina Fernandez, who stepped down as president of Argentina last December, has been charged by a prosecutor with money laundering and embezzling funds earmarked for public works. Businessman Leonardo Farina implicated Fernandez and her late husband and former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner in a plea bargain that took place on Friday. Fernandez served eight years as president.

Source: Reuters

Two Irish parties attempt to form a minority government

DUBLIN — The Fianna Fail party and the Fine Gael party, which received the largest share of the vote in February’s election at 25.5 percent and 24.3 percent respectively, agreed to meet this week after talks of a coalition failed. They will attempt to form a minority government, in which one party abstains in key parliamentary votes to allow the other party to govern. Failing that, the country will be plunged back into a second general election.

Source: Reuters, Irish Times

Suspected terrorist attack in Peru before election take three lives

LIMA —Two military personnel and one civilian driver who were transporting materials were killed in an attack on Saturday, the eve of the Peruvian presidential election. The suspected perpetrators are the leftist rebel group Shining Path. In response to this attack, outgoing president of Peru and former army officer Ollanta Humala stated “Terrorists are no longer a threat to the Peruvian state but they have shown they can still cause harm.”

Source: Reuters

Cuba runs low on beer supply during recent tourist spike

HAVANA — Cuba has gained many things from negotiations with the U.S. in recent months. Thanks to the easing of traveling restrictions by U.S. President Obama they’ve lost a lot of beer. A sales executive for one of Cuba’s favorite beer brands, Bucanero, said the brewery needs a new plant to keep pace with demand from tourists and a burgeoning private restaurant sector that competes with state-run outlets for supplies.

Source: Reuters

Explosions hit Afghan capital after John Kerry visit

KABUL — A period of relative peace in Kabul abruptly ended on Saturday when at least two explosions hit the diplomatic zone of the capital. The explosions occurred a troublingly short time after after visiting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry left meetings with Afghan officials, including President Ashraf Ghani.

Source: Reuters