Academia Nut: Weekly information nibbles

So you're a college kid. The means you balance homework, health, clubs, and a lot more. Here are a few life hacks that might be useful to reduce a bit of the stress that goes along with being a Carnegie Mellon student.

Does everyone steal your pens?
Take a blue refill, and put it in a red pen. No one steals a red pen!

Want to enjoy a cold soda, but it's warm and you're very impatient?
Wrap a wet paper towel around the bottle or can and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. Enjoy your cold soda!
(For you geeks out there, this works because of thermodynamics! Along with the effect of the fridge, the evaporating water takes away heat, cooling your drink very fast.

Shop online a lot? Almost broke, but can't keep yourself from adding just one more thing to your cart?
Download Honey! It's a Google Chrome extension that looks for any and all coupons available for any website you shop at and tries them out automatically. It's basically free money!

Date coming over and your room not smelling pleasant?
Tape a few dryer sheets over your AC or fan to fill your room with a pleasing smell!

Want to clean up, but you don't really have cleaning supplies? Love pizza?
A pizza box will work great as a dust pan! Put that box to good use before you throw it away!

Have a lot of jewelry, and keep losing it? Don't know where to keep it all so you just throw it somewhere?
Ice cube trays make for great jewelry and knick-knack organizers!

Like decorating your wall with classy framed posters, but also broke?
Use decorative tape to make borders around pictures, making fancy impromptu frames!

Keep losing your remote?
Attach velcro to the back of the remote and the side of your couch and never lose your remote again.

Have a lot of beverages in your fridge but they don't stay stacked?
Use binder clips to keep your bottles and cans where you want them to be!

Have a laptop that heats up a lot? Love working in bed with your laptop in your lap?
Use an egg carton as a cooling pad! The holes provide the air circulation your laptop needs!

Love making grilled cheeses, but don't have a grill?
Turn your toaster horizontal to make sandwiches! Just remember to turn it back to it's upright position once you're done.

Love snacking while studying, but it's making you gain weight?
Use your snacks as incentive for a task while studying! Not only will it limit your eating, but it will also help you reach your goals!