Trump inspires fear, illogical votes

Credit: Roy Savoy via Flickr Credit: Roy Savoy via Flickr
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Donald Trump is not a joke and I’m scared. Caveat: Regardless of who you support in this election, Democrat, Republican, Independent, it is very important to acknowledge that Trump is a threat.

Quite frankly, I normally wouldn’t even speak on this matter because the discourse on Trump is so prominent, but recently I’ve come in contact with multiple people — all kinds of people — people of color, women, and other marginalized people who support Donald Trump. This happens all the time, but honestly, it’s not funny anymore. Supporting Trump as a joke or not as a joke. Is. Not. Amusing.

Recently, Brandon Stanton (from Humans of New York) posted a letter to Donald Trump calling him out as a racist, and very validly shut him down; however, despite $67 million dollars being spent on anti-Trump campaigns, his poll numbers are higher than ever.

Trump is a real threat to our society. And when I say this, I get a lot of reactions. I’d like to address some of the reactions I’ve gotten towards my fear:

“I’m gonna move to Canada!”:
Well, I am not. I can’t. Lots of people can’t. I do not have the money to move myself from one country to another spontaneously, and while this may be said facetiously, it’s literally delineating a situation that’s pretty bad. I am genuinely scared for my safety, as many other marginalized people are. I am scared for what kind of discourse Trump would spread as president, and who would get murdered. It’s happening already: there’s been a spike in hate crimes on Muslims (and other brown people — Sikh temples have been vandalized, holy books desecrated) in the U.S. since December 2015.

“At least it’s not Ted Cruz”:
Who is spreading very violent and ridiculous discourse? Ted Cruz isn’t as outspoken and doesn’t receive as much coverage as Trump does, but he at least seems to have a cohesive vision for the nation that does not depend on rabble rousing. He himself, in fact, is a target of Trump, who decided to target his wife publicly on Twitter — where he basically called her ugly.
“But he’s just doing it to make a statement”:

Donald Trump could be making the comments he makes to make a statement. He could actually not believe them. But the reality is he has spread an incredibly ill-informed discourse. As I said earlier, he has been very effective.

“Hillary vs. Bernie”:
Don’t get me wrong — It’s important to have an opinion on who you’re voting for, but the fact is, when you have someone like Donald Trump to address, why are we arguing on this?
I’d rather spend my time convincing people not to vote for someone like Trump, as opposed to arguing whether or not Hillary is better than Bernie or vice-versa.

Other than the social issues, Trump really isn’t a successful man. He really isn’t. He’s had more failed businesses than successful ones and he is $500 million dollars in debt.

So why do people vote for him? I don’t know. They say it’s because he’s funny, he’s outspoken, he’s a businessman, and he’s “truly American” — all great things to have in a comedian, but not in a president.

There is a saying that there is no use in trying to understand a racist ideology like Trump’s. It isn’t based upon logic.