Nina Fan seeks to make life easier for organizations as VPO

Credit: Courtesy of Nina Fan Credit: Courtesy of Nina Fan

Sophomore statistics major Nina Fan is running for Student Body Vice President for Organizations (SBVPO).

Fan’s platform consists of improving 25Live as well as improving Student Government transparency, the re-recognition process, collaboration between organizations, and organizational support.

25Live, the application for reserving rooms on campus, is the thing Fan most visibly targets in her platform. “25Live is a great idea, you can book and reserve any room on campus,” Fan said. However, she acknowledged that replacing it completely might require multiple systems for different buildings, which would just be more work for people learning to use the systems. “If we can’t replace 25Live, we’re going to do something else. We are going to try to make it user-friendlier because I know that that is the biggest issue that comes with 25Live. I’m going to work with [Cohon Center Director] Marcia [Gerwin] and work with CollegeNet — the provider for 25Live — and whoever else is involved at Carnegie Mellon and we are going to try to redesign it.”

Re-recognition and transparency are also places Fan feels she can make improvements. “Re-recognition a) is a tedious process, b) can get meticulous, and c) it takes somebody who really knows the process itself to make sure that your organization continues to be government recognized. That’s a situation where it’s important to have somebody there who knows how student government runs and how re-recognition runs,” Fan said. By improving transparency and the re-recognition process, she will make it easier to both know how these processes work, and to navigate the processes themselves.

Fan has also spoken about the importance of both publicizing and utilizing the Collaborative Funding Committee, a body that funds joint events between organizations. This would help the Carnegie Mellon community become closer through facilitating cooperation between student groups.

“I’ve been in Student Government since my [first] year here and I’ve been on Committee on Student Organizations since my first year and I’ve worked with the past two SBVPOs very closely [and] I’ve had a lot of experience with allocations,” Fan said on why she decided to run. She feels her experience in Student Government is necessary for an effective term as SBVPO. “On top of all that,” she added, “I’ve been very involved in organizations like Doctors of Carnegie Society — which I was vice president of — and the Undergraduate Market Organization, which I was the vice president of programs of.” She says that knowing both the ins and outs of Student Government and being involved in organizations makes her qualified to know what is required of the SBVPO and what will help improve organizations’ experiences.

When asked to summarize her candidacy, Fan said “Vote for who can do the job best and who can represent you and the rest of the student body the best. I am the most experienced, caring, and personable candidate.”