International news in brief

Thousands march on anniversary of critic’s murder

MOSCOW — On Saturday, Feb. 27, thousands of Russians marched in the name of Boris Nemtsov, a 55-year-old opposition leader who was gunned down one year ago near the Kremlin, while walking home from a restaurant. Nemtsov had written a report criticizing Putin and, at the time, was penning another report investigating Russia’s military role in Ukraine.

Source: Reuters

Several rockets fired on residential areas in Syria

BEIRUT — Armed groups fired several rockets on Saturday into residential areas in Syria’s capital, Damascus. According to a source, they were terrorist groups from the nearby town of Jobar. The rockets were reported to be the first breach of a cease-fire.

Source: Business Insider

Waste treatment plant explodes at Antwerp port

BRUSSELS — On Friday, the explosion of a bunker at an industrial waste treatment plant sent hundreds of meters of dark smoke into the air in northern Belgium. The cause of the blast as well as the materials involved in the blast are not known. The company, Indaver, claimed that no one got hurt, but people were cautioned by authorities to keep doors and windows shut.

Source: Reuters

Fuel Rationing in Nepal Ends After Blockade Called Off

KATHMANDU — Months of fuel rationing in Nepal has ended after supply trucks from India were allowed into the country. A blockade had previously prevented the delivery of fuel to the region because of protestors who were against a new constitution. The constitution was amended after the Prime Minister K.P. Oli met with Indian counterpart Narendra Modi.

Source: Reuters

Power outage in Ukraine was result of cyber attack

WASHINGTON — On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security stated that a power outage in Ukraine last December was the result of a malicious hack. The incident is believed to be the first known cyber attack to successfully knock a power grid offline. Other U.S. cyber security firms have attributed the attack to a Russian hacking group “Sandworm.”

Source: Reuters

Widespread slavery among East Asian female migrants

LONDON — A survey on modern slavery has discovered that forced labor among female migrant domestic workers is prevalent. A majority of the 4,100 women surveyed, all citizens of the Philippines and Indonesia, reported abuse and exploitation, and noted being misled by employers. Nearly 21 million people worldwide are victims of forced labor.

Source: Reuters