Deadpool is insane in the best way possible

I believe we’re approaching what the internet likes to call ‘Peak Superhero.’ Studios have realized what makes them the most money, and everyone seems to be in a rush to make as many superhero movies as they can. After the success of films like The Avengers and Iron Man, Hollywood is looking for the proverbial ‘next big movie;’ everyone is trying to replicate that success to get a piece of the pie. With an increasing number of these movies each year, the bubble is likely to burst at some point. Now, being a hard-core superhero and comic book fan, I’m not one to complain. These movies bring with them a lot of hype with the relentless marketing campaigns. I personally savor the wait, reading up on fan theories, learning more and more about the film (avoiding spoilers, of course), and finally leading up to the night I go see it. That’s the fun of it!

Among this sea of upcoming superhero movies, Deadpool arrives. Not only does it make a huge splash, but it turns the water around it red. If you’re a superhero movie fan like me, you should probably be wondering where you’ve heard of ‘Deadpool’ before. That’s right, the character has been on the big screen before, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. If you’ve seen that movie, you know they (spoiler alert) literally sew his mouth shut in the latter half. So the character lovingly called the Merc with the Mouth has no mouth and cannot speak. Great. Luckily for us, not this time. Fox has let their filmmakers go completely wild, and they have more than redeemed themselves after destroying the character in Origins.

The actual plot of the movie is a standard superhero origin story. Wade Wilson finds out he has terminal cancer, and gets a very special therapy for his cancer, which activates his mutant healing abilities but, to quote from the movie, leaves him looking “like an avocado had sex with an older avocado” and thus unfit to mingle with general society. So he dons a red suit (think Spider-Man meets a ninja) and goes around killing a bunch of people who get in his way. You may be wondering why the red suit? I’ll let the movie answer that, and if you don’t get that reference, please go see the trailers.

The magic of the movie is the fun Ryan Reynolds and filmmakers have had with it. In true Deadpool fashion, the ridiculous gags and demented commentary keep coming, turning the otherwise conventional story completely sideways. Wade Wilson is unglued, and because he is so unglued, he has a tendency to break the fourth wall and speak to the audience. He knows he’s a fictional character! This hyper awareness is classic Deadpool and makes him the perfect medicine to our superhero fatigue. It’s a superhero movie about a guy who doesn’t want to be one.

It’s a superhero movie with nudity and ultra-violence. An R-rated superhero movie? Aren’t these movies meant for kids? Deadpool not only isn’t meant for kids, but the squeamish might have a few gasp­— did that just happen — moments. And surprisingly, despite the insanity, the movie manages to have a romantic backstory that actually just about works, thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ and Morena Baccarin’s sizzling chemistry.

Deadpool makes extensive use of CGI and ‘bullet-timey’ slow motion stunts, but it works perfectly with the general zaniness of the movie. They made this on a (relatively) low budget and what they’ve done with what they had is quite amazing. The opening scene itself is testament to that. The first 20 minutes of the movie are some of the best, and make sure you don’t text during the opening or the closing credits. Also, there are post-credits scenes. Two of them. Do not leave without seeing them.

Deadpool is a celebration of ultra-violence, sexual innuendos, and all around insanity. If you haven’t seen the trailers, go see them NOW. Wait a few hours, let your brain marinate in the awesomeness of what you just saw, and then go see the movie before it’s pulled from the theaters. Oh, and remember to take ID. The movie is rated R, and for good reason.