International News in Brief

Deaths pile up in clash between Libya and Islamists

BENGHAZI — Libya is currently plagued by rampant instability which has resulted in the expanded presence of Islamic militants. In response, the Libyan army has attempted to ward off these Islamic militants for months, leading to a clash of both forces this Saturday that left 14 people dead and 32 wounded. Tensions continue to rise in Libya.

Source: Reuters

Powerful cyclone hits the island of Fiji on Saturday

SYDNEY — One of the most powerful storms recorded in the southern hemisphere hit Fiji this past Saturday. This has resulted in destruction in remote villages and ten confirmed deaths, with more likely to come. The capital, Suva, was spared from the full force of the storm’s winds.

Source: Reuters

Ex-Prime Minister wins African presidential vote

BANGUI — This Saturday, former Central African Republic Prime Minister Faustin-Archange Touadera won the presidential runoff. This is seen as a step towards reconciliation for the Central African people, who have faced violent turmoil over the years. The enthusiasm of the people was exemplified by crowds singing and dancing in the streets.

Source: Reuters

Al Qaeda violently seizes a southern Yemeni town

ADEN — After seizing the southern Yemeni town of Ahwar, Al Qaeda militants have now consolidated their control over much of the region. Ahwar is an important geographic link between the surrounding towns of Mukalla and Zinjibar, both of which Al Qaeda seized months ago. A militia leader was also killed in the process of the seizure.

Source: Reuters

French Prime Minister pledges support for Sahel

OUAGADOUGOU — French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has pledged to increase military assistance to those countries in the Sahel region of northern Africa that are currently facing growing Islamist insurgency. Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, was attacked by Al Qaeda last month, resulting in a death count of 30 people.

Source: Reuters

Italy closes route to defuse bomb from World War Two

ZURICH — Italy is taking action to diffuse an unexploded bomb that was dropped from a U.S. airplane during WWII. Explosives units are planned to diffuse and dispose of the device after finding it near the Italian town of Sterzing in November. The Brenner Pass in Italy will be closed in order to carry through with this plan.

Source: Reuters