Winter Flower Show at Phipps

Credit: Rosemary Haynes/ Credit: Rosemary Haynes/ Credit: Rosemary Haynes/ Credit: Rosemary Haynes/

The holiday spirit is becoming more and more prevalent in Pittsburgh each day. From the houses decorated with all things Christmas to the festive lights illuminating downtown, all of Pittsburgh is getting ready for this joyous season. However, the Pittsburgh Christmas display that I’ve found to be the most unique is the Winter Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory.

When I went to this event, it was also my first time ever visiting Phipps; there were no expectations, only excitement. As my friends and I walked towards the entrance, the first things we saw were two large Christmas trees covered in colorful lights. There’s nothing like two beautifully decorated Christmas trees to easily get visitors in the holiday spirit. Once we were inside, we quickly bought our tickets and headed towards the first room of the exhibit, which was the Palm Court. This slightly humid room was filled with palm trees, and it made for a somewhat Floridian experience. My friends and I kept walking to find that the holiday show actually began in the next room: mini Christmas trees, penguin sculptures, and beautiful red ribbons were all displayed, and you could feel that happiness of the holiday season. Poinsettia flowers were also dispersed throughout, already being the true stars of the show.

The exhibit pathway led my friends and me to a human-sized reindeer statue ice skating around a gigantic Christmas tree, which was decorated with lights, red ornaments, and white ribbons. Right next to this was a Snowman display, surrounded by flowers of all different colors. The sight of wintery snowmen being surrounded by spring flowers was definitely something you don’t see too often.

My friends and I continued to pass by more festive displays, with flowering plants such as Winterberry and Blue Holly making more frequent appearances. It wasn’t until we went outside to see the light show, that we really started to feel that holiday excitement. Seeing all the bright and bold colors with the unique lighting patterns reminded me of watching holiday light shows with my family, as a kid. At Phipps, there were giant lights shaped as ornaments and tree lights, as well as moving lights emulating dangling ice crystals. Even though it the temperature was very cold outside, the mesmerizing lights display along with the decorated outdoor garden made up for it. If you have the time, be sure to check out the light show at Phipps. It’ll definitely help you relax before finals, and even get you in the holiday spirit!