Professor Skinner joins Donald Trump's National Security Council transition team

Carnegie Mellon University is nationally recognized for contributing to fields in computer science and engineering, but future President Donald Trump chose to focus on the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences when appointing Professor Kiron Skinner to his transition team for the National Security Council which advises the President on national security and foreign policies.

The distinguished professor began her career in the field of political science by getting undergraduate degrees from both Spelman College and Sacramento City College. Skinner then went on to receive her masters and doctoral degrees in political science and international relations from Harvard University. She has also been awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from Molloy College in Long Island, New York.

Skinner has been working at Carnegie Mellon since 1999 and has since then founded the Institute for Politics and Strategy in Dietrich College. Both undergraduate and graduate students utilize this institute for research and the university uses it to establish initiatives in various areas from political science to national security. Skinner is also a fellow for Carnegie Mellon University’s CyLab and has received courtesy faculty appointments for the Institute for Software Research and Heinz College.

Additionally, Skinner manages the Center for International Relations and Politics, the Washington Semester program, and the Institute for Strategic Analysis, which Dietrich College, College of Engineering, Heinz College, School of Computer Science, and the Software Engineering Institute all contribute to. She is also one of the individuals who developed Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Information Technology Strategy program. This masters program allows students to complete an interdisciplinary education involving cybersecurity issues, international security, and decision-making challenges.

Outside of Carnegie Mellon University, Skinner has a lot of experience advising various types of people in Washington, D.C. For example, Skinner is a special adviser to the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral John Richardson. In addition, Skinner is part of the Council on Foreign Relations, a research fellow for the Hoover Institution at Stanford, and a life director for the Atlantic Council. Previously, Skinner was part of the U.S. Defense Department’s Defense Policy Board and served as an adviser on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Skinner is extremely involved in creating academic works for her field. She co-wrote “The Strategy of Campaigning: Lessons from Ronald Reagan and Boris Yeltsin” with Serhiy Kudelia, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, and Condoleezza Rice. This piece of writing is utilized at numerous research universities in their political science courses. Some other books Skinner helped to write were the two New York Times best sellers Reagan, A Life in Letters and Reagan, In His Own Hand. Skinner is also a regular contributor of opinion editorials for National Review online, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and The Washington Post.

Needless to say, Professor Skinner is extremely qualified and eligible to be a part of the National Security Council and will surely bring knowledgeable views to the discussion.