Nightmare on Hellsworth

It was a dark and stormy Friday night. For any other event, the sudden evening rain would have been a nightmare. But it perfectly fit the vibe that the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh was looking for during their Nightmare on Hellsworth.

Sponsored by pro-LGBT non-profit organization Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh, gay bar Element, and iHeartRadio’s 96.1 KISS — Pittsburgh, Nightmare on Hellsworth kicked off October and the Halloween festivities with their free concert, featuring Zara Larsson, the Swedish singer behind “Never Forget You,” and The Brighton boys, a pop rock band from New Brighton, Pennsylvania. In between sets, DJ Colt also provided music for the event and kept the crowd lively and entertained during the near torrential onslaught.

The rain, however, didn’t keep people of all ages from being decked out in their Halloween costumes. Witches, zombies, princesses, and Cats in the Hat roamed the street during the event. And when it wasn’t pouring, rock stars, the Joker, and the Belchers were also seen grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many bars and restaurants on the street, such as B&B Fired Up Goodness, 5801 Video Lounge and Café, The Elbow Room, Harris Grill, and Tipsy Cow. Hostesses dressed as Maleficent and nefarious pirates also sold $5 beer at their restaurants, and food truck Bella Christie’s Sweet Boutique sold their delicious desserts at the event. The sweet treats were not only a hit with the crowd, but also with the security guards and event staff.

Several organizations also set up promotional tents for the event. Hair Pride offered hair spray for people at the event to use to style their own hair. LuLaRoe also sold their comfy clothes at the event, selling their bright and colorful leggings, dresses, shirts, and cardigans that are great for any season. Monster Vape also sold their “premium ejuice,” giving the opportunity for people to learn about vaping. Sponsor iHeartRadio also set up their own tent and prize wheel, where you could win things from Pittsburgh-themed swag like lanyards and Pirates bottle openers to Taylor Swift 1989 knapsacks. People of all ages explored the tents and businesses on Ellsworth Avenue, offering additional entertainment between sets and opening up a new market to businesses.

The Brighton Boys’s performance at Nightmare on Hellsworth brought even more liveliness to the rainy night, not afraid to have a great time and jam out with themselves and their fans. The pop rock band played some of their original songs from their album Love Sentence and their EP MMXV as well as classics such as The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” and Foundations of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” and even stayed after their performance to help set up the stage for Zara Larsson and interact with the crowd, bringing a rock and roll vibe to their music and to the energy of the crowd that reverberated throughout the night.

Zara Larsson’s performance was much anticipated throughout the night, and she did not disappoint, performing her instant hits “Never Forget You” and “Lush Life,” songs from her EP Uncover and her new single “Ain’t My Fault.” Her energy brought out the best in the crowd throughout the rain and closed out the night on a high note and with a ton of energy.

Despite the rain, Nightmare on Hellsworth brought a ton of life and fright to the night, with people actually bonding and dancing through the rain. The musical acts never failed to hype up the crowd through the storm, and seemed to bond with the crowd in the sudden appearance of the rain and the general good vibes that they wanted to keep up and bring out throughout the entire night. And in the end, you could even say the Nightmare on Hellsworth felt a little bit like a dream.