Campus news in brief

Carnegie Mellon University students change the face of Pittsburgh culture

In recent years, Pittsburgh’s art and entertainment industry has been on the economic rise. This opened doors for creative specialists in Allegheny County, where thousands of jobs were created.

Pittsburgh’s entertainment and arts industry is widely driven by the Carnegie Mellon community. From those in Masters of Entertainment Industry Management, a joint program offered by the H. John Heinz III College and the College of Fine Arts (CFA), to those in Master of Arts Management (MAM), students take on projects offered by internships and apprenticeships. These opportunities place Carnegie Mellon University students on the front lines of Pittsburgh culture, allowing them to mold and create a new face for art and technology.

Pittsburgh “is very much an artist’s community alongside an arts organization community,” Kathryn Keidmann, Assistant Dean of Arts & Entertainment, said in a university press release.

From the film resources to iconic art organizations, analysts, and cultural activities, Pittsburgh effortlessly blends the culture of art and technology.

School of Drama Produces The Playboy of the Western World

Oct. 3 was the School of Drama’s preview night for their production of The Playboy of the Western World.This is the first production for the 2016–17 season.

Written by Irish playwright laureate John Millington Synge, this play suggests that sometimes we don’t completely know the true nature of our loved ones. This phenomenon is based off of Synge’s perception of his own life where he utilizes comedy to reveal the darker side of life.

Peter Cooke, head of the School of Drama, describes this play as being “bold, provocative, caring and human,” as “it holds a mirror up to the magic Ireland of the 1900s.”

Serving as a true representation of Ireland in the 1900s, this play was met with great opposition when it was first debuted in 1907. It was notoriously known to have caused riots because of its far-from-picturesque depiction of Ireland.

Carnegie Mellon’s The Playboy of the Western World runs from Oct. 6–15 in the Philip Chosky Theater.