Voter registration ends tomorrow, get registered

Tomorrow Oct. 11 is the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania. It’s imperative that everyone, regardless of party affiliation or political preference, is able to make their voice heard in the upcoming election.

Even if you don’t like any candidate running for a position, one of the choices will end up in office and will be representing you in the government. There are options beyond just the major parties and voting for the candidate that agrees most closely with you will make your opinion count.

Finally, one vote may be very unlikely to swing an election, but people failing to turn out to vote can and does change the outcomes of elections. Low voter turnout can not only change the outcome, but also hurts the legitimacy of the victor.

The mindset that a vote doesn’t matter spreads and can cause a lot more damage than just the loss of one vote. Data journalism site currently has the Pennsylvania Senate race close to a 50/50 tie. The race for attorney general, which often has dismal turnout, is considered a tossup by the magazine Governing.

It’s important that everyone weighs in on these results so our representation best matches us.

Voters can register at booths set up around campus, in person at government buildings such as the DMV, or online at