Things to do on a snowy day

Credit: via wikimedia commons Credit: via wikimedia commons

The past couple of days have alternated between frigid and mildly cold, with the most of us content to live distraction-free—going from home to class and back. The outdoors are widely regarded as too hostile to be host to any revelry. Well, it really doesn’t have to be that way. The indoors? Well, you’re gonna be stuck inside, might as well make it entertaining. Here are five really cool (pun intended) things that you can do on a snowy day!


The classics: Make a snowman. Or a snow woman. Or a snow angel. Or a castle or a monster! There’s something to be said for the soft fluffiness and pristine whiteness covering everything on a snowy day that brings out childlike creativity in everyone if they just let it. Snow artifacts are fun for kids, adults, and everyone in between. If you’ve got a sizable group, you can even have a contest of creativity. Igloos are a particular challenge. If you have a large quantity of tupperware lying around, this is a perfect idea. If you are feeling a little more creative, try making a giant teacup or a snow couch. Somewhere that you and your friends can lounge while enjoying the outside world among the swirling and sparkly snow.

Ice skating: Pittsburgh happens to have some really nice skating rinks. The thing is, being outdoors, most of them are highly temperamental, and thus closed for the majority of the year, and even large parts of winter. Take advantage of a time when they’d most definitely be open and check them out! PPG place downtown has a beautiful rink with lots of great places to eat around. The Schenley Skating Rink is closer to campus and slightly bigger - but seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Going ice skating is a really great date idea. If you are awful at ice skating, adorable hand holding in mittens is a good option. Snuggling to get warm also lends itself to an adorable date factor. That being said, giggling with friends and falling down in big piles is an equally satisfying use of an afternoon and cold temperatures. Check out CBS’ list of best ice skating rinks in Pittsburgh to figure out new ad exciting places to get your ice skating on.

Go to an afternoon indie movie: Get some of that indie cred. Most cinemas offer discounted rates on cold and dreary days. Pull up Rotten Tomatoes, look up something interesting, and go check it out! Especially seeing as it is Oscar season, there’s a ton of really thought provoking small movies currently playing. Some of my recommendations— The Revenant, The Big Short and The Hateful Eight.


Board games: Could there be a better excuse to pull out that old dust-covered Monopoly or Risk game that you have? Get some friends and family together, and collectively obsess over fake money and territory! People will laugh, argue, and yell; someone will probably try to cheat too. Even if some of your crazier friends throw tantrums or board pieces, everyone will be closer by the end of it.

Bake something: Nothing, literally nothing, can beat the smell of freshly baked cookies or a fresh apple pie on a cold and wintry day. Even if you don’t cook much, don’t let the prospect scare you away. Making standard stuff like cookies is easy! Just don’t get distracted by other snowy day things to do while your cookies are in the oven. When they’re ready, pull out that bottle of red wine you’ve been saving, call some friends over, and have a small junk food party.