International News In Brief

Five Dead in Canada School Shooting

Winnipeg – Five people were killed and two were injured in a mass shooting in La Loche community school in Canada. Mass shootings are rare in Canada due to their stricter gun laws when compared to those of the U.S. Police have taken the suspect into custody.

Source: Reuters

Israeli Groups Evict Jewish Settlers

Jerusalem – Israeli troops evicted Jewish settlers from homes in the city of Hebron. There is a dispute as to whteher the proper approval was received from the Defence Ministry. Once all proper steps have been taken, the settlers will be able to return back to their homes.

Source: Reuters

Haiti Delays Presidential Election

Port-Au-Prince – Haiti’s presidential elections, which were already delayed once previously, have been delayed indefinitely due to concerns of rampant violence throughout the country. Election offices were burned in addition to violent protests against the runoff. A new date has not been set.

Source: The New York Times

Russia Helps Syrian Government Capture Key Town

Salma – Due to Russian military intervention, Syrian troops were able to capture the town of Salma. The town had been out of government control for three years after being seized by Islamic State rebels. Significant damage was inflicted on the buildings, which now proudly display the face of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Source: The New York Times

Efforts Increase to Extradite “El Chapo”

Davos - After his recapture earlier this month, Mexico’s efforts to extradite drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to the U.S. have been increased. Guzman was labeled as a “highly dangerous criminal” by Mexican president Pena Nieto. Guzman previously executed a daring escape from his prison cell floor.

Source: Reuters

Iranian-America Reporter Headed Home to U.S.

Washington D.C. – After being freed from 18 months in an Iranian prison, under the accusations of espionage, Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian traveled back home to the U.S. Rezaian was a part of a prisoner exchange between Tehran and the U.S. Rezaian is not yet ready to speak on his imprisonment.

Source: Reuters