Movies in McConomy

September 12

8 p.m.

Sixty years after the iconic original, in a time when lackluster reboots and sequels plague theaters, there is one that finally got it right. Godzilla is a powerful spectacle packed not only with glorious monsters, but with substantial human drama that pushes the story forward. The movie stays true to the creature’s origins; at a nuclear plant in Japan, supervisor Joe Brody (dramatic demigod Bryan Cranston) is devastated by a nuclear disaster that destroys not only his plant but his family. Years later, he becomes obsessed by the possibility that the disaster is a cover up for something much bigger. His now grown son, Lieutenant Ford Brody (the oh-so-swoon-worthy Aaron Taylor-Johnson), reluctantly tries to get his seemingly crazy father off his wagon when they find out there actually is something beyond a nuclear conspiracy. Godzilla procures one of the scariest monsters in recent movie history in a tale about unstoppable forces of nature, resulting in an exhilarating moviegoing experience.

September 13

7 p.m.

We all know the tale of Princess Aurora, also known by her street name Sleeping Beauty, who pricked her finger and was cursed to an eternal slumber, waiting for true love’s kiss to break the spell. She was cursed by the evil Maleficent, but how much do we know about the sorceress behind the spell? In a modern retelling of the original 1959 Disney film Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent flips the protagonist into one of the most iconic villains of all (Maleficent, if you couldn’t tell from the title) and tells the story through her dazzling green eyes. Angelina Jolie is the perfect fit as the alluring and magnetic Maleficent, with her marvelously angular cheekbones, sinister voice and enigmatically evil personality. By providing a substantial back story for its titular anti-heroine, Maleficent is an interesting case study of how we view villains, particularly female ones, and what constitutes a strong character who just happens to be female. If you’re not into the Disney vibe, don’t worry. Maleficent packs the punch with delicious performances and an untold fairytale that is refreshingly wonderful.

September 14
September 15