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Hunt Library’s new IDeATe renovations hurt functionality

While there have been benefits to the Hunt Library renovations, for the most part they were unnecessary and made Hunt less attractive and student-friendly.

A Person's Opinion

The Tartan is still mourning the loss of PHI, but hopeful for the future of its former home. So we asked,
What would you like to see go into the PHI location besides Chipotle?

U.S. must develop clear strategy for Middle East

The United States has already come too far to become a bystander with no clear plan of action in the ongoing Middle East crisis.

Smartwatches detract from normal life

Wearable technology is here to stay, but users must learn to limit the way they interact with these devices.

Corporations right to avoid U.S. tax structure burden

The United States corporate tax structure only serves to further the aims of cronyism and runs counter to the aims of economic development.

Nude photographs “scandal” is a sex crime

Nude photo leaks are a sex crime and a callous infringement on women's autonomy.

On-campus bar may be worthy of consideration

The closing of PHI has left a notable gap in Carnegie Mellon's campus culture and our university should consider the possibility of an on-campus pub.

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